Early Christmas Present - Yay!
Two Year Celebrations!

Two Years!

Wooohooo! 2 years ago right now (approx. 11 am) I was pushing and pushing but Harper said, "Yeah, I'm pretty comfy in here.." Luckily she seems much more comfortable out in the world now!

December 6, 2011.


December 6, 2013


(Yes, I am Captain Obvious when it comes to dressing her on her birthday...)

She's talking up a storm, sings to herself some times. Says nonsense phrases that crack us up. "Wee-oh wee-oh wee-oh" Lately she's saying "I got it!" (but it comes out more "I god id" which is super cute). She also likes to imitate me when I say "Careful Boo Boo" and then she'll say "Careful Mama."

She loves to run around and play with blocks and put on hats and brush her teeth. (God I hope that lasts a while!) My ego gets pumped when I say "Dinner time Harper!" and she gets so excited and comes running to the table. She eats lots of green beans and peas and soy beans. She loves cheese (that's my daughter!) and bread and salty crackers. She still sleeps like a champ and will just melt your heart with a kiss or a hug or when she looks over at me on the couch, pats my leg and says "Sit?" Which means, "Can I sit in your lap?" Mmmmm!!! So sweet. We are lucky and grateful and having a wonderful time.

So much more fun stuff to come!

Happy Birthday my sweet sweet girl!