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Weather Extremes

A few weeks ago we had rain. A rare and wondrous thing in Los Angeles. We desperately need the rain and so do I. I think I have the opposite of Seasonal Affective Disorder. I need MORE cloudy rainy days in winter. All this sun is depressing. Yes yes, I know I know, I have it good out in sunny California. I just like a little more variety in my weather. A little more = just rain once or twice a month at least!

But back to the rain we did have. Harper was prepared! She loved going out in her awesome boots and splashing around. She also loves using an umbrella, inside, outside, anytime actually!


So that was three days of rain this whole winter. And this past week or so we've had days in the 90s again. Blech. But Harper loves that too. She gets to dig in the garden and find her new favorite thing BUGS! She loves the bugs and I'm making sure I help her gently hold them and then put them back. I don't want her to be freaked out by them at all. We'll see if that sticks.