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Me And My Mom

Me&MomMay1967I still don't quite feel like "Mother's Day" applies to me. Except that I have a wonderful mom who I love and adore.

Here we are in May of 1967. My mom is Grace's age in this picture! Amazing.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I love you very much.


Can't Wait For The Tour De France!

Someday we will spend July in France, following Le Tour! Harper and I practiced waving at cyclists yesterday when we took a short walk along Ballona Creek on the bike path in Culver City. She got good at the waving and the cyclists were so nice, all of them waved back and smiled big! Who could resist this face?


Afterward we went to the park and she played, then we sat down for a snack. She really enjoyed the pick nick time. This skill will also come in handy for the Tour!




We All Saw A Movie

Harper went to the movie theater and saw her first feature film last Saturday! We chose the Disney Nature movie "Bears" and it went great. I wasn't worried that she'd be scared or upset (I went knowing that only fish were killed in the movie) but I did think she might get bored. She stuck with it the whole way, sitting in my lap once or twice. We were the only poeple in the theater so I wonder if she'll be distracted by others the next time. I'm just glad her first movie experience was a good one. We plan on raising a movie lover!



Easter Egg Hunt!

Okay it's almost two weeks gone now, but Easter was fun! We invited the "Other Harper" and her cousin Chloe for Harper's first Easter egg hunt. I went a bit overboard with Easter buckets and treats and about 40 eggs that we hid. (Plastic eggs with little toys inside.) Not much chocolate, she'll learn about that next year or the year after...

It was cute trying to explain to her that you take this bucket and all over the yard there are eggs for you to pick up. But she got the hang of it and collected her share. I did find one rogue egg in the yard yesterday, that made me laugh.

I remember one Easter when my parents were still married, so I was five or younger, and the day after Easter, all my sisters were at school and mom said, "come here, look under this" and she lifted up small BBQ cover and there were three chocolate eggs that no one had found. It was such a sweet moment between me and my mom. I loved that.





Here she is after the hunt, enjoying her well deserved bagel. (Special Sunday treat!)

Post egg hunt