Sad Passing Of A Wonderful Auntie
To School!

Second Trip To Maui With Harper - Summer Fun Part 2!

Kurt had to come back to LA early so Harper and Gamma and I had a lovely time, just us girls.

One of the main reasons I was there was to attend the 50th anniversary of Seabury Hall. There was a gala event Friday, July 4th. There were old friends to see and catch up with and new friends to make. All of us part of that amazing place, Seabury Hall. Charlotte Melrose was there, one of the most important women in my life! Of course I burst into tears seeing her, that's how I roll. Harper got to see Seabury too though I wasn't able to introduce her to Charlotte.


Sitting in the same spot I spent many a study hall, out on the bench, under the jacarandas, waiting for the next bell to ring. Harper got to spend the gala evening with the childcare gang in Cooper House (the building behind her). She had a GOOD time! "Had Pizza!" That's my girl.

The next day, Sandi asked us to come pick apples at her place in Kula. Perfect weather for picking! Harper picked away like a pro.



Then I baked them all into a crisp for dessert! And yes, even though I forgot to take them out of the oven, half an hour after the timer went off, it was still yummy!


Sandi also had dahlias to pick. We love dahlias.


One morning we met a friend for brunch in Makawao. On the way home we stopped at the Hui to see mom's photo in the Paniolo Country Exhibition. There is a stick house/art piece outside by entry that Harper had a good time exploring.



Mostly it was just low key stuff. A lunch trip to Zippy's (OMG the Korean fried chicken is my fave!)


Morning chit chats on the lanai.


Some backyard "pool" time.


Indoctrination into the world of crackseed. "Harper try this (shredded mango)." [she takes one bite] "Not good." Hmmmmm. I wonder if that's how my first try went all those years ago...


It was a nice visit. Harper LOVES the beach! She talks about it a lot. I guess we have beaches here in LA. I've heard stories.

The rest of summer is full of potty training and music class and looking forward to the wonders that will be nursery school in September!