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Second Trip To Maui With Harper - Summer Fun Part 1!

Here's an awesome (read: "goofy") picture from the flight over. We both have similar expressions and it just makes me laugh!


(I should add a big "DERP!" to it...)

At the airport, Harper helped Kurt with the luggage.


After the luggage was opened and shorts applied to our sharkbait white bodies, we headed down to Baby Beach and Harper was SO excited about the ocean she would have just stayed there all night. She was really peeved that we had to leave without going in all the way.


But the next morning, we packed our beach bag and headed down. The tides were perfect and Harper was fearless! She really loved being in the water and we kinda had to keep a close eye on her as her swimming skills are not as strong as her enthusiasm.


But sand castles were also a lot of fun. We'd make towers and she would Godzilla right through each and every one.




Ultimately, swimming with Big Papi (no, not David Ortiz) was the most fun.

SwimmingwithPapi1 SwimmingwithPapi3

After the beach, we got to go to Star Noodle in Lahaina! I was so excited about this after hearing only great things and also cheering for Sheldon Simeon on Top Chef. The place did NOT disappoint. The best was the Ahi Avo - chunks of raw ahi and avocado in a chile-spiked dressing. DAMN. Okay the noodles were awesome as well. I wish I could order in from there every day! If you go to Maui, go to Star Noodle and get there early!

Starnoodle Starnoodle2









Gamma kindly bought some toys for Harper, a golf set and a bowling set. We created a new game called "Bolfing" and got a few good rounds in.


Later in the trip, Harper created an alternate version I like to call "Water Bolfing." She excels at it.


Soon Papi had to return to LA LA land and Harper, Gamma and I had our own adventures. More to come...