Second Trip To Maui With Harper - Summer Fun Part 2!
The Trees Get A Haircut

To School!

Well, nursery school.*

Next year it will be "Back to School"!

Harper started her first day at Happyland yesterday, a sweet preschool highly recommended by three friends. The report from the teachers were that she cried just a little at nap time and when she woke up (makes senes, waking up in a strange place) but otherwise, they said, it was like she'd been going there for ages. Wonderful!


Mama was excited and I actually didn't cry. (I cried when we had our visit two weeks ago and saw her name on her cubby.)


Thus begins a whole new chapter in our lives! Only 16 more years and it will be off to college! [sob]


*phrases you rarely, if ever hear any more: Nursery school, service station, old folks home.