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Harper And Yeoman Rand


GraceLeeWhitney_as_RandAs Harper grows, her language skills improve. But for now I enjoy her inability to pronounce things. Especially this one thing. She has a hard time saying the "w" in "woman." Instead it comes out sounding like "yeoman." And EVERY SINGLE TIME she says it, I think of Yeoman Janice Rand.

My god, look at that hair! I hope there were robots in the future to do all that weaving. Or is it just a fancy, hairy hat?

"Mama, what's that yeoman doing?"

"Why I think she's fending off a drugged, horny Captain Kirk, sweetheart."

Other funny things she says are conversations like "Mama, do you want to have some juice?" "Yes Harper, I do." "Well then, have some!"

And she calls me Mama (most of the time) and calls Kurt Papa. But in the last week she has started calling him "Pops." As in "I want a treat, Pops!" I feel like I'm in a 1920's movie sometimes with a scene stealing moppet who looks suspiciously like Shirley Temple.

I love every minute of it and I love every new thing she comes up with!