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Get In Gear

I'm working the Your Turn Challenge and today is Day 5. Here is my post to answer the question: What advice would you give for getting unstuck?

If you’ve had fantastic forward momentum on a project that felt breezy and effortless and you suddenly find yourself tumped over in a ditch, don’t panic.

Don’t assume you can’t get back to it. When you are self motivating to get a project done, getting stuck or derailed can feel like failure. There can be thoughts of “how am I ever going to get back on track?” You can get back on track, but you have to reset your mind to a different pace for a while. You can’t expect to just get right back to top speed.

Do you drive a stick shift car? (You should, it’s awesome.) Then you know that when you come to a stop, you have to put the car in first gear and climb back up to the higher gears, gradually. You can’t just start in fifth from a dead stop, you will stall. Find something small to do each day that builds back the momentum of the project. (I have been knocked off my early morning creative writing routine over the holidays and returned to it by blogging every morning while I figure out what my next steps are on my scripts. This project was a big help to that as well.)

Is it that simple? Kind of, yeah. If you are fully committed to whatever you are working on, then finding that lower gear restart shouldn’t be hard. And with that full commitment, getting back into sixth gear will be a breeze.