Seven Days Down - A Great Kickstart To The New Year To Come
Aloha Dorothy Frey

Harper And The Women

As previously mentioned on this blog, Harper has a peculiar way of pronouncing "woman" - she says "yeoman." No biggie. She also say "lellow" instead of "yellow." Pretty cute, actually. But my new favorite thing that Harper says in regard to Wonder Woman. She had undies and a little tank top with the WW logo and LOVES to wear them suddenly, this week. But the ways she says it SLAYS me every time.

"Mama, I want to wear my Under Yeoman shirt!"

Under Yeoman! Awesome.

Another phrase she uses that is totes adorbs to me is "little minute." As in, "Mama, can I watch tv just for a little minute?"

Just recording this information here before three weeks go by and I've forgotten all about these two things.