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They Say It's My Birthday

It's a new year - 2015 - and a new year - 48. Can't believe that number is assigned to me. Truly. I fee like a total dork most of the time still. How can I be this "mature"? I can definitely feel it in my body, though, and having a three year old really helps with that. (See my previous new year blog post about losing some weight this month!)

Okay and about that weight loss. I'll be honest, it's not going as well as I'd like. I'm down two pounds so far, but with not as much time to my goal. There has still been a lot of comfort eating (for various and specific reasons) and I have to find my way around that kind of eating. It's such a trap that I set for myself and I'm getting tired of it. (But clearly not tired enough to have truly made a change yet. Interesting.)

But let's move on.

January has always been my favorite month, being the new year and birthday time. I like to reflect, I like to review, I like to question, challenge myself. 2010/43 was a big year. I made a goal to pitch a TV show concept to potential producers and I (and my partners) did it! Three times. It was fantastic. Did it get bought? No. But that just means I have to up my goals.

Because I can manifest, people. I can Man - I - Fest!

And I'm lucky. In 2011/44 I got pregnant and had a baby. Without any outside help (other than Kurt of course.)

I'm lucky and I can manifest things. So I need to up my game and really step out.

What is there to be afraid of? NOTHING. Not one thing. Oh I could worry about making an ass of myself, but you know what? I need MORE of that in my life. I play it way too safe all the freakin time. I need to be a great role model for Harper by taking chances and falling on my face and getting up and doing it again until I succeed at the things I'm reaching for.

My gift to myself this year 2015/48 is to step WAY outside my comfort zone and to make more wonderful things happen. I am also considering skateboard lessons.

Happy Birthday to me!