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Funny Valentine

Fridays And The Toys

We are fortunate enough to hire a woman to clean our house on Fridays. And every Friday I love to see how she's tidied up the toys that live on/around Harper's bed and chair. It's never radically different but it always makes me so happy to see the toys all together and at attention. Here is a sampling from the last month or so.


I love that Tigger is wearing Woody's hat. Suits him.


We don't own Bullseye, so woody had to improvise.
Toys3 Toys4

It's always a happy moment to see them all together before Harper comes home from preschool. I sometimes get other funny surprises in unexpected spots. Like the kitchen drawer that usually has a pile of clothespins. One day I opened it to see this:


Ahhhhhh, so tidy!