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Hot Wheels and Party Dresses

Or Friday Night Fun With The Freys

Harper likes cars. The movie Cars and just actual cars (toys). In rearranging a bunch of stuff I found a Hot Wheels set I bought for Kurt and his brother about ten Christmases ago. We set it up last night and Harper went cuckoo bananas for it! She was laughing and clapping and loving it. She was so peeved when it was time to brush teeth and go to bed.

Peeved is not a strong enough word as she kept doing these little scream/shrieks when I said it was time for bed and we could play with the cars tomorrow. She didn't stop the screams so then I had to say if she didn't stop screaming we would not play with the cars tomorrow. Well guess what. We didn't play with the cars today. Bummer. She asked a couple of times but I had to stand firm. Which sucks because she loved it so much! But rules are rules and you have to be strong and not cave.

I am going to set up the track again tonight after she goes to bed so when she wakes up we can play immediately! Christmas in February March.

HotWheels HotWheels2