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February 2015

Hot Wheels and Party Dresses

Or Friday Night Fun With The Freys

Harper likes cars. The movie Cars and just actual cars (toys). In rearranging a bunch of stuff I found a Hot Wheels set I bought for Kurt and his brother about ten Christmases ago. We set it up last night and Harper went cuckoo bananas for it! She was laughing and clapping and loving it. She was so peeved when it was time to brush teeth and go to bed.

Peeved is not a strong enough word as she kept doing these little scream/shrieks when I said it was time for bed and we could play with the cars tomorrow. She didn't stop the screams so then I had to say if she didn't stop screaming we would not play with the cars tomorrow. Well guess what. We didn't play with the cars today. Bummer. She asked a couple of times but I had to stand firm. Which sucks because she loved it so much! But rules are rules and you have to be strong and not cave.

I am going to set up the track again tonight after she goes to bed so when she wakes up we can play immediately! Christmas in February March.

HotWheels HotWheels2



Little Baby Freys

Or "Small Freys" if you like.

Going through photo albums at Kurt's mom's place and Kurt spotted a gem of a pic. His mom and him when he was maybe 9 months to a year old. Adorable on its own but then I said, "Hey, who does that remind you of?" So then I put these together. Look at those faces!! Sweet.


I Guess It Was Valentine's Day Yesterday

Aside from the funny thing I posted, there wasn't much to V Day yesterday. Still too weighed down by grief and distracted by the continuing work of cleaning out Kurt's mom's place to do anything. Harper made us laugh hard though, and that kind of love is worthy of a special day.

We were having a very low key morning (before more moving out) and watched a bunch of Thomas The Train. I wanted Harper to have a break and said, "Harper, let's go make a train in your room." She said, "I don't want to." I tried a few more ideas. Then she said, "Go make a train for me and I'll come and look at it and then I'll play with it."

Kurt and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. Then I had to write it down. To paraphrase the Thomas theme song "Harper is the cheeky one!"

Harper Val Day

Fridays And The Toys

We are fortunate enough to hire a woman to clean our house on Fridays. And every Friday I love to see how she's tidied up the toys that live on/around Harper's bed and chair. It's never radically different but it always makes me so happy to see the toys all together and at attention. Here is a sampling from the last month or so.


I love that Tigger is wearing Woody's hat. Suits him.


We don't own Bullseye, so woody had to improvise.
Toys3 Toys4

It's always a happy moment to see them all together before Harper comes home from preschool. I sometimes get other funny surprises in unexpected spots. Like the kitchen drawer that usually has a pile of clothespins. One day I opened it to see this:


Ahhhhhh, so tidy!


Aloha Dorothy Frey

Kurt's dear mother died on Sunday, February 1. Kurt said it best:

Sad to report, my dear funny clever beautiful tough as nails mom has called it a life. She was 96, a big life by any standard, long and mostly sweet. Well-traveled and well-read, she was always impeccably kind to both human and animals alike and unfailingly grateful for everything and everyone who had the pleasure of crossing her path. She will be deeply missed. Bon Voyage!

Here she was at her first Luau on Maui, December 2006. So glad that Harper and Gamma Dot got to meet and spend a few years together.

She had a peaceful end with her loving and faithful cat Dynamo by her side.

Dorothy Lee Kreiter Frey 1918 - 2015.