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Harper Makes Us Laugh!

Updated to add: Harper and I were playing pretend/superheroes and she suddenly shouted "I'm Dark Gator!"

The other night Harper had a bath. It was Kurt's turn so I was out in the office catching up on emails or work or twitter or something. I come back in and Harper is in her towel, ready for jammies and she says:

Papa was mad in the bath.

Me: Why was Papa mad, Harper?

Because he's mean.

[Stifled laughter.]

Now when we read or it's bedtime and she wants an original story, she uses a certain phrase that just cracks me up:

Mama, tell the story about the Blue Dragon! Talk about it!

Or she'll open a book and I'll be looking at the pictures and she'll say: "Talk!" Or "Talk about it!"

So much pressure to perform. But I can't really complain, it's a challenge every night to come up with a new draft of the "Blue Dragon Story". Tonight's episode: Blue Dragon catches the princess picking apples. The princess then bakes the dragon a pie. The dragon eats the whole thing. The end.