Harper Half Birthday
I Love Getting Stuff Delivered!

Another Harper First: Haircut!

Harper's hair has been growing since before she was born without a cut (we could see her curly hair in sonograms!), but finally it was getting a little out of hand. Curl maintenance is challenging enough on grown up hair, but a three year old? Nutty. So we booked an appointment with Trish, our family stylist, and Harper sat in the big chair. She was NOT interested in having her hair shampooed in the sink in back, so Trish prepped it with spray and a wet brush.

Harper was okay at first, but then got a bit freaked out and started crying.

Haircut1 Haircut2



















Not a happy girl. But nothing a little candy and a funny phone app can't cure...



 We didn't make it too short, just a couple inches. But that has made a big difference in the post-bath-detangle extravaganza that goes on about once a week at home.


Of course I saved a few curls.


And by the end, all was well, and we were all friends again!


About two days later she said, "Mama, I want to get my hair cut!"