June Gloom
Willoughby Has A Bath In The Bathtub

Father's Day Weekend

We had a lovely chilled out Papa's Day on Sunday. Kurt had to work on Saturday so Harper and I spent Saturday morning at Ikea buying critical things for the home - candles, small wine glasses, a stuffed pig, etc. Plus we then had to have meatballs. And ice cream.



















(My new genius mom thing to do is to always order kids sized things - FOR ME! Never occurred to me before, but at places like Ikea or Disneyland, it's so nice to have much smaller food. But I digress.)

We got home from Big Blue Meatball Land and I said it was time to wrap Papa's present. Harper had picked out wacky emoji wrapping paper from Ikea and determined we needed pink ribbon. Done. Then she made a card and I asked her to write H for Harper (which she loves to do) and then she realized she could make a tic-tac-toe game as well, so we stopped in the middle of making Kurt's card to play a quick game.

Me: Harper, who taught you how to play tic-tac-toe?

Harper: Grace.

That's right! Thanks Grace!

So we had the gift all wrapped and ready and I said we should hide it until tomorrow. Harper decided her blanket drawer would be the best place. Done.

Kurt comes home hours later and as I'm on the phone with my mom I turn around and see that Harper has brought out the gift and is about to start "helping" Kurt to unwrap it. Gah! So I gently say "Harper!!! We don't give that to Papa until tomorrow!" She looks bummed, but then I say, "We have to hide it!" and she's off to hide it in the blanket drawer.

Next morning I remind her about the gift and she RUNS to get it and take it to Kurt who is lounging in bed. She helps him open it. Success!

Then we all get dressed and mosey down to our favorite bagel place for Dad Day bagels and juice. (Kurt is wearing the gift in question.)



We had friends from Macedonia over for a nice dinner outdoors and that was all there was to it. A fun relaxing Dad's Day weekend!