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June 2015

Another Harper First: Haircut!

Harper's hair has been growing since before she was born without a cut (we could see her curly hair in sonograms!), but finally it was getting a little out of hand. Curl maintenance is challenging enough on grown up hair, but a three year old? Nutty. So we booked an appointment with Trish, our family stylist, and Harper sat in the big chair. She was NOT interested in having her hair shampooed in the sink in back, so Trish prepped it with spray and a wet brush.

Harper was okay at first, but then got a bit freaked out and started crying.

Haircut1 Haircut2



















Not a happy girl. But nothing a little candy and a funny phone app can't cure...



 We didn't make it too short, just a couple inches. But that has made a big difference in the post-bath-detangle extravaganza that goes on about once a week at home.


Of course I saved a few curls.


And by the end, all was well, and we were all friends again!


About two days later she said, "Mama, I want to get my hair cut!"

Harper Half Birthday

Harper turned 3.5 in early June. I felt it called for a half-birthday gift and it seems like she's ready for some pushbike action. So we popped down to the bike store and she picked out this lovely bike (sans pedals).


She loves it so much she needed to have it near her in the house after she was done riding it outside.


I've been told it's a great way to learn how to ride a bike because you learn balance better than you would with training wheels. Seems logical to me. Now to get her on it more and more often!


We Also Do Things Without Harper

Because we have our own lives too. Sort of.

Eddie Izzard was in town a few weeks ago and I went with Jacquie. We had nosebleed seats at the Hollywood Bowl. But Eddie is AMAZEBALLS and did a Q&A for the cheap seats about an hour before the show started. Wonderful guy.


Then Kurt and I got tickets to see a Texas Rangers game at Dodger Stadium. They were playing the Dodgers, FYI. We haven't been to a baseball game in about 10 years. It was fun for a while then the game turned out to be a pitchers duel (but not even a very good one) and at the bottom of the ninth, the score was 0-0. UGH. (I know, I know, fair weather fan.)

We left to avoid the crowd and listened as the Dodgers won with a walk-off balk! What is that, you say? (Because I had to be educated...) Click Here.

But we got to eat Dodger Dogs and eat peanuts and I had beer. I rarely have beer but I felt beer was necessary. Okay not necessary but traditional. I was also pleased/surprised to find we got to sing Take Me Out To The Ballpark at the 7th inning stretch, not America The Beautiful (or whatever 'Murican song that has to be sung to say F You to terrorists). Happy to hear that tradition has returned. Oh and we got to do the wave. Silly good times. I'd like to go back for another game.


Before it turned into a snooze-fest - HERE WE RANGERS, HERE WE GO!


I've always been bummed that I didn't grow up with a home team of any kind. I love that Kurt has his love/hate relationship with the Rangers. I would love to have Harper have a team, so maybe in a few years we can start educating her and going to more Dodger games..?? We'll see if she's into it. Kurt can be play-by-play and I can do color commentary: "Now he has two balls."

PS Waaaaaay before I was born, my dad used to recreate baseball games for the radio in Hawaii. That would have been really cool to hear him do.



Father's Day Weekend

We had a lovely chilled out Papa's Day on Sunday. Kurt had to work on Saturday so Harper and I spent Saturday morning at Ikea buying critical things for the home - candles, small wine glasses, a stuffed pig, etc. Plus we then had to have meatballs. And ice cream.



















(My new genius mom thing to do is to always order kids sized things - FOR ME! Never occurred to me before, but at places like Ikea or Disneyland, it's so nice to have much smaller food. But I digress.)

We got home from Big Blue Meatball Land and I said it was time to wrap Papa's present. Harper had picked out wacky emoji wrapping paper from Ikea and determined we needed pink ribbon. Done. Then she made a card and I asked her to write H for Harper (which she loves to do) and then she realized she could make a tic-tac-toe game as well, so we stopped in the middle of making Kurt's card to play a quick game.

Me: Harper, who taught you how to play tic-tac-toe?

Harper: Grace.

That's right! Thanks Grace!

So we had the gift all wrapped and ready and I said we should hide it until tomorrow. Harper decided her blanket drawer would be the best place. Done.

Kurt comes home hours later and as I'm on the phone with my mom I turn around and see that Harper has brought out the gift and is about to start "helping" Kurt to unwrap it. Gah! So I gently say "Harper!!! We don't give that to Papa until tomorrow!" She looks bummed, but then I say, "We have to hide it!" and she's off to hide it in the blanket drawer.

Next morning I remind her about the gift and she RUNS to get it and take it to Kurt who is lounging in bed. She helps him open it. Success!

Then we all get dressed and mosey down to our favorite bagel place for Dad Day bagels and juice. (Kurt is wearing the gift in question.)



We had friends from Macedonia over for a nice dinner outdoors and that was all there was to it. A fun relaxing Dad's Day weekend!

June Gloom

In LA there is a weather pattern called June Gloom for the West LA/Santa Monica side of town. It's cloudy and cool in the mornings then it get sunny toward the afternoon.

But I'm referring to my June gloom. Starting the month with a cold. But not just a cold, a cold with a fever, something that rarely happens. It blows. Harper was sick, is still sick, though better and I know I got it from her. Kurt is coughing a bit too. Frankly, we are all a bit pathetic and gloomy.

Then we heard yesterday that Kurt's stepmother died. I never even met her, but am so sad she is gone. Ever since Kurt and I got married, she never failed to send birthday cards and holiday cards and even anniversary cards. There was always a check in the card and a sweet note about how she was doing. We always wrote back and of course lately sent her many pictures of Harper. I always thought I'd meet her someday and thank her in person, but never got the chance. I don't even know what she looked like, which is kinda nutty after 14 years. Just another reason to remember that life is short and not to put things off any longer. I'm going to miss getting her notes in the mail.

On a happier note, here's Harper driving the toy tractor at our favorite weekend place, the Underwood Family Farm. She had never driven before, but dang, she really was amazing, never bumped into anyone and steered perfectly.