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November 2015

Mostly Bad News, Then Some Really Good News

It's been a month of bad news.

Two people we know (one neighbor and one work colleague) died very suddenly. The wife of our suddenly dead neighbor now might have breast cancer (she finds out on Friday) and one of my cousins was diagnosed with a brutal form of cancer that he's fighting tooth and nail.

BUT... in between all that grief and anguish, there was a shining ray of Amazing! A good friend who had been waiting for a new kidney for a few years GOT ONE! And the surgery went well and the new kidney is doing great so far and she already feels so much better.

Nice to cry happy tears among all the sad ones.

Life is short, make sure you are doing all you want to do and getting rid of all the things that are negative or just don't matter in the long run.

And be an organ donor, dammit! If you aren't already, please sign up to be one here: Organ Donor Registry