Harper Runs With The Wolves
David Bowie Can't Die

Dawn's Early Light

Harper used to call "Mama!" when she woke up and I would come to her room and say good morning and give hugs. Now she's a big girl and she gets up on her own. I'm usually already up, writing, so I can hear her coming. Depending on her mood she'll either come over to me for hugs or go to the couch and sit and I'll come over to say good morning.

Yesterday she got up and saw me and all she said was, "Do you want to look at the beautiful sky?" and she went to the couch to open the curtains so we could look toward the sunrise. Of course I said yes and this was our reward:


For almost ever since Harper was born, I've taken her outside at sunset to look at the "beautiful sky" and always make a point to look at the pretty colors and clouds in the sky. Now Harper will point it out to me and it makes me so happy for her to make me come and look.