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Things Harper Says

The four year old conversations are pretty awesome. For example:


Us: Harper, do you want to learn how to play an instrument?

H: I want a fire guitar that sings rock and roll.

That's a done deal in my mind.


H: Mama, I want to go to drawing school.

Me: You do?

H: Yeah because I'm getting good at drawing.


Harper mispronounces words, as kids do. My favorite that she has said for a while now is "Darth Gator". If I were an artist of any kind, I would whip up a sketch of Darth Gator to frame on her wall. She says the classic: Lellow instead of Yellow. Charming.

She tried to copy me (most likely) saying "Damn it" but instead hers came out "Dame it". (This will never be as good as the month she spent saying "Fuck it" when she was two. That was awesome.)

For a while she would say "What the world?!" She doesn't say it any more, but I do - all the time.


The other thing that amazes me is her memory. A few weeks ago she said, out of the blue, "Mama, remember when we had the Spiderman ball at the fireworks?" It took me a few seconds to realize she was talking about LAST SUMMER's 4th of July fireworks. I had brought a Spiderman beach ball to play with while we picnicked before the fireworks. Or we drove by a friend's house in our neighborhood (this was a few months ago) and she said, "That's where we went swimming." Yes Harper, WHEN YOU WERE 18 MONTHS OLD! How in the world...maybe we talked about it recently and that is what she is remembering? Because we only swam in that pool one time and then our friend moved.

My theory is that her 4 year old brain has so much open space in it, the memories just waft around, easy to pick out and discuss.

I'm loving all the language.