Haircut #3
Roller Skating Life Lessons - Lesson #1


IMG_2892Harper is in her third and last year of preschool. The new kids look like BABIES but I know that's what Harper looked like when she started. But it's not just the height/weight/vocabulary. It's the new ways of thinking, new ways of communicating that floor me when she does something different. (And the inordinate use of the word "butt" is not what I'm talking about here.) 

This morning we approached the school gate and Harper looked over and saw a boy with his dad crossing the street to us. Harper said to me, "Oh that's a new boy!" Then she waved at him and said, "Hi! Hi!" I asked what his name was and she couldn't remember so I said "Tell him "My name is Harper, what is your name?"" and she did it with such excitement. The boy was shy but the dad said, "Jaden" and we both said, "Hi Jaden!" 

My sweet girl! I just loved that she was so happy to see a new kid and to wave and say hi and make him feel welcome. 

The whole Nature vs. Nurture thing hangs over my head a lot - yes I can teach Harper rules and manners, but what do her instincts tell her and how is that mixed in with what she's been taught? So much unknown there. Then to see her act that way, to new, younger kids, warms my heart so much it explodes into giant butterflies that float and flutter inside my body for days, forever. 

I'm amazed at this wonderful person we made but who is also her own person. 

Life is good!