Things Harper Says - 5.5 Year Old Edition
Mystery Spot!

Independence Day

I have been a faithful Facebook user. However, I am not pleased with that any more. It's been like a drug after the election, seeing a lot of posts flying about what's going on. However, I let myself spend way too much time browsing mindlessly. It takes away from productive time in my day and it is a bad habit I am going to break. Also, I miss blogging and am woefully behind on this very blog. 

There is a 5 year plan of my own making that I have committed to. It started in May of this year and will conclude in May of 2022. (Or sooner or later depending on how successful I am at achieving the various goals I'm setting for myself.) If you want to know what that plan is, you are more than welcome to ask me next time we are together. Suffice to say it runs the gamut from the career side to the creative side to the long term "retirement" sides of life. 

I'll be spending more time on this blog and on my other endeavors. Please come by and visit often!