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Things Harper Says - 5.5 Year Old Edition

Harper has two phrases that I just love right now. Instead of saying "For real" she will say "For real life!" For example, she will say: 'Mama, Lila got to chew bubble gum after lunch - for real life!" Or "Papa, the cat ran outside, for real life!" 

I also love it when she asks me questions and starts it off with "Mama, did you know? The Cat chased the bird!" But it's where she places the up-tone of the question. Usually one would say: "Did you know that ice cream is a fun summer treat?" and make the up-tone of the question at the end of the whole sentence. But Harper puts that emphasis on Did you know? There is something quite adorable about that. So earnest.

Yesterday, driving to preschool she said:
Mama, can I tell you something?  

{She borrowed this phrase from me as I use it to start a serious conversation with her, mostly in a positive way to get her attention. As in "Harper, can I tell you something? I saw how you made your bed and put your clothes away all by yourself today, good job!!" followed by hugs and kisses.}

So she said in a very serious tone:

Mama? Can I tell you something?
Yes Harper
Sometimes kids go to Chuck E Cheese. 

{Me chuckling}

Yes they do Harper.