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March Goals Recap

Happy April!

Let's take a look at my March Goals and how I did:

Goals for March:

-Lose 8 pounds

-Meditate 5-10 minutes per day

-Plank 1:15 or more per day (Along with the regular walking/stair steps)

-Work on creative writing 2x per week

-Schedule the stretchy bands work outs into my weekly routine

-Keep flossing 5x per week!


In fact I lost four pounds (though today I was back up to only having lost three pounds so I guess I have to say three pounds...). I'm going to readjust my monthly weight loss goals to five pounds a month. Best part is, I am 15 pounds down, total.

I meditated every day but two. I am doing six minutes per session. I need to try some guided meditations as I'm more and more monkey brain in the sessions! But I still very much feel the benefits and appreciate the calmness even where there are a million things to do that day. (More on that in a minute.)

Plank 1:15 per day. I missed six days of this as my exercise routine has been adjusted due to work and the plank got left out on some days. 

I didn't do the creative writing, though I kept on podcasting!

Didn't do stretchy bands, but did incorporate a couple more additional post-walk exercises (leg lifts, etc). Not enough, but a start.

Flossing 100% success!

Goals for April:

-Lose 5 pounds

-Meditate 6 minutes per day 

-Brisk 30 minute walk 3 x per week

-Weight based exercise or stretchy bands 2x per week

-Creative work - podcasting, writing, blogging 2x per week

-Keep flossing 5x per week

April will be really challenging to these new habits I've been forming. We are moving to England for 6 months for my job (on Thursday!) So that will be stressful and exciting and full of new adventures. I will need to focus on staying mindful of my long term goals. Tenacity - being tenacious (persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired) is my touchstone moving forward. 

I'm proud of myself for continuing this course, seeing the long game, creating good good good habits for the future. 

Wish me luck!