The Corona Diaries Days 17, 18, 19 - Zoom School
The Corona Diaries Days 22 and 23 - Weekend Warriors

The Corona Diaries Days 20 and 21 - Field Trip And Animation

Thursday was adventure day. Safe, social distancing adventure day.


Long drive on non busy freeways up through Santa Clarita out to the poppy reserve.

I know, I know, best to stay home.


We are rebels. Safe, social distancing rebels.

God it was nice to get out of the house. And in the hour or more we were there, we maybe saw 7 people total. From a more than required distance. It was sunny and chilly and W I N D Y.


We also took advantage of drive through with much sanitizing. Mmmmm cheeseburgers.


So yes, I am restarting my 14 day clock as of Thursday. We still take temperatures every day. Do I encourage or recommend this? No, but damn it was nice.

We got home from our adventure and just flopped on couches and beds. Somehow that adventure sapped our energy. Clearly we need more PE and exercise every day.

Friday was the first official day of Spring Break and we celebrated with a zoom picnic for Harper. She set up her whole place on her own - Harry Potter themed.


Later she hauled out her stop motion animation kit and made some mini movies. It was fun to watch her have at it.

Then we had a lovely fishcake dinner and started to watch School of Rock, but Harper couldn't deal with Jack Black being so out there. She was so uncomfortable, just like she was watching Elf. Sure both would be getting in trouble or going to jail. So those will have to wait a few years until her sweet tender heart can handle it!

After she went to bed we watched Top Chef then I went to bed.

Another day of being grateful for all the amazing things we have.