The Corona Diaries Days 20 and 21 - Field Trip And Animation
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The Corona Diaries Days 22 and 23 - Weekend Warriors

Our yard crew came to remove a giant stump in our back yard. We had the tree taken down about three years ago and left the stump. But with some possible construction to come this year, the stump had to go.



So while that was happening, our hedge also got a major haircut. Being stuck in the house, I really wanted to be able to see out to the street better. And fortunately, it's hard to see into the house with the windows we have and the screens so we are not open to the public!

Mostly though, Mr. Biscuit enjoyed the show.


While all that went on outside, we had some easter decorations going on inside.


Plus watching some tv and eating nachos.


We hung up a new bird feeder outside the office I now share with Harper (when there is school) with it's own squirrel abatement system. I didn't see but I did hear a squirrel fall off of it so I think it works!


And lastly a bit of batting practice to round out the day.


We had a lovely dinner then watched another movie as a family and all was right - if not with the world, then at least with our own little one for now. We are doing the best we can, one day, on step at a time.