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The Corona Diaries Week 4 - Let's Start Counting Weeks

I fell off the blogging wagon last week because let's be honest: The novelty has worn off. The novelty of staying in to avoid this novel corona virus has gotten old. And now the really hard part begins - continuing to shelter at home for a long, long time.

I find I'm really really scatterbrained. Then I get tense because I'm scatterbrained. Then I say, I'll just sit down and make a list, that always calms me down. But before I can do that I'm putting clothes in the dryer, or taking them out of the dryer, but not folding them. I'm tidying up the living room on my way to clean the cat boxes. Then take out all the trash and wash my hands again. Then sit down to make a list of things to do and it turns out it's really not that long. Sign tax docs, catch up on banking, pay bills, list of new craft ideas I saw online. That's about it. But damn it feels hard to even just do that.

Last week was spring break so things were a bit loosey-goosey. That probably added to my tension. I also haven't been exercising regularly. Not good at all. Usually I can make time for a 30 minute walk, but somehow last week I only managed it twice. I tried an online yoga class and liked it, want to do more. But haven't yet.

Then last week our internet started going downhill. Got very spotty and slow and intermittent. *Fuck* I called Spectrum on Thursday, tried some stuff over the phone, nothing. She scheduled me an appointment and confirmed a technician would come with gloves and a mask. Fine. Ugh, another thing to be tense about - someone I don't know coming into the house. He came, had a mask on, put on fresh gloves at the door and came in and did his work, finished up quick and left. I let Harper out of her bedroom after I sanitized all over. But what if I didn't sanitize enough? Can't think about that now. Turns out the internet went right back to not working. Called again, tried stuff over the phone again, nothing. Signal is correct. Saturday I masked up and went to Spectrum to switch out modems just in case. Even bought a new router from Best Buy and tried that. NOTHING. Ran back to Spectrum to get one of their routers, got on the phone with a very helpful support person who helped us out and now it seems it might just be one of the cables screwing everything up. A technician has been scheduled for Monday (today as I'm writing this) at 5pm. Great. (half sincere, half sarcastic) I'll do my best to sanitize better. Luckily, our internet works on her computer and mine and our phones. But Kurt needs a new cable, probably and we have to make sure there isn't anything else screwing it up.


All that was very annoying and frustrating and hard. I felt it was not good for Harper to see us be so stressed about that particular thing. I tried to be relaxed about her missing some zoom school on Monday. But still. So Sunday I focused on being super available to her and we did lots of fun easter stuff (see a later post).

I know Harper pays attention because she said to me last week, "Mama, you should take three naps a day. Or at least rest three times a day."

She's not wrong. But I don't have time to rest. Do I? Of course I do. I just need to make it happen. Great. Another thing on my short but stressful to-do list.

But with all that, I'm also being very very easy on myself. This whole covid-19/quarantine/shelter in place thing is weird and hard and challenging and NOT NORMAL. So there is a lot to get used to, even after four weeks. And I'm being oh so very diligent about wearing my night guard so I don't crack my teeth while I sleep. And some good news - I haven't gained any weight! Startling actually, but good.

I've been reading good things that keep me feeling better, or at least keep me feeling seen and met. Things like:

-- My friend Melissa's blog in which she also talks about how hard this is and what comforts her. And yes, I did buy 14 bars of fruit nut chocolate, so what?

--She also linked to this article by Mark Manson about Surviving the Looming Mental Health Crisis. Good read. Funny and true and important.

--There is this article too about routines that keep us sane. I've read half of it. I'll get back to it.

--The simplicity of a buttery baked onion. I am going to try this this week. Or whenever I get some bouillon. {adds bouillon to amazon cart}

So I'll blog more weekly. Scatter pics here and there. It's a record for me in the future, and Harper too.

UPDATE - I started writing this on Saturday April 11. Tried to finish/publish it on Monday April 13 but due to internet problems, it didn't happen. Trying again now, Tuesday April 14. Ugh. Also - formatting is out the window as somehow it's super challenging even to upload pics. Just keep scrolling! Double Ugh.

Pics or it didn't happen:

Bought a sewing machine. Teaching myself to sew masks. So far so good. They won't win me Project Runway, but they will help protect us.




There were various meals made. Some good, some average, some just to keep us alive.



IMG_2380 copy


There was more easter related fun. (New pajamas! Thanks Gammo!)


IMG_2326 copy

We do get outdoors - planting our victory garden. Victory over boredom I guess.


(Computer won't let me turn this image. Good times.)




I like catching her reading.


Masks before the sewing machine.



Harper had big feelings about something - I think I told her she couldn't eat lunch in her bedroom. So she stomped outside.


I had a rare rare rare treat last week - staying in bed, drinking coffee and watching it rain. Kurt got up early for a work thing and Harper was watching tv (spring break) and I just to chill with the cats and read with the windows wide open. It was so wonderful.


But overall, lately this is how I really feel. I'm working on only feeling this way sometimes because it's okay to feel this way sometimes. It's a crazy world out there / in here now.