The Corona Diaries Week 15 - Back To Basics
The Corona Diaries Week 17 - Camping Camp (We Are Amateurs)

The Corona Diaries Week 16 - Online Camp

For me it was a "meh" week. June gloom definitely ended and the days are sunny and warm almost from the get go. Now it will be four months of mostly just hot and sunny. I realize people come here from far and wide to enjoy this (in the before times) but I'm super over it. And thank the stars we got AC four years ago. That helps A LOT. And the splash pool for Harper. School is set to start in about six weeks. It will be interesting to see what will be decided by LAUSD and what parents will want to do.

Harper had an online camp this week - Minecraft Co-op through Planet Bravo. The whole camp was a lot of kids, but then they broke into smaller groups for the actual minecraft play/work time. She had a good time, but it was a challenge to share an office with her as she got into it! There was much talking and "working" with the other campers. Some nuggets:

"It's cray cray!"

"If you want to be spit in the face by a llama, then hit 1!"

And at some point she told someone she had to skedaddle. "Skedaddle" is not even in our rotation of regular words around the house.


They had the kids take breaks and do physical stuff around the house like "build a superhero from stuff in your house" or "build a fort." And parents took pics and forwarded it to share with the camp.

By the end of one day she had really gotten into it as evidenced by her workspace.


She also got plenty of outside fun time which included the brief adoption of "Chocolate" the lizard. She opted for gloves after it peed on her. (Or discharged a defensive liquid of some kind.) He was released after a few hours.


Harper also found another chrysalis near the front door. She was super excited to show me.

There was more bike riding. I'm trying to keep her going every other day or so. We rode by Roger's old house and she said she wants to live there some day.


We got new running shoes. I was in desperate need and Harper only had junky old sneaks. Harper chose her traditional blue, I went with hot pink.




It was nice to go for our little runs with proper new shoes. Alas, Harper's desire to run the fun run is waning. We've taken a break on it and we'll see if we can pick it back up when we get back from camping camp.

We had a bit more prep for camping camp. A cheap and cheerful fold up chair was acquired for Harper. And we borrowed a big cooler and camp stove and other small misc items from a kind neighbor. And Harper packed her suitcase on Friday.


I'm pleased that we could borrow so many things from friends, that saves tons of $$. We bought a tent, Harper's chair above and I bought a camp coffee pot which I tested yesterday and it was pretty good coffee. Oh and giant marshmallow skewers, cuz you know, smores. (Frankly, Kurt and I could pass on smores all day, but the 8 year old. Well.)

Random outfit:


The cats were busy in their regular ways. Nothing fancy or special.

Mr. Biscuit had a few moments with his blue chicken. This was the toy Harper and I picked out for him when we adopted him. SHhhh, don't tell him it's a dog toy!


Willoughby didn't get in front of the camera much this week.

Kurt entertained himself with a puzzle, one we had made way back in April. We put puzzles on moveable whiteboards as we don't have space to leave it one spot. But this leads to curious cats wreaking havoc.



We also started watching a new (new to us) show called "Dark" which I needed a break from after two nights because it is, in fact, dark. So I suggested and we watched something light and frothy. That Paul Newman was fantastic in just about everything.


July 3 was the release of #Hamilfilm -- AKA Hamilton on Disney+. We, along with jillions of others, watched it on Friday. It was so nice to see it after all these years of listening to the soundtrack. Harper got bored by the middle of act 2, and I think Kurt did too as afterward he told me some history facts about the fiance of the Goerge Eaker  - you know, the guy who shot Philip Hamilton - and how the fiance went on to marry Robert Fulton, inventor of the steamboat. Well. I really enjoyed the show...

Wacky moment - when I was scrolling through Disney plus for something else this week, I came across this insane blast from the 90's past. My first big VFX producing gig. God I was terrible and had a lot to learn.


For the 4th, we joined three friends for a socially distant backyard hangout. Then came home to listen to fireworks all night. Harper went to bed late and had posted this on her door.


The cats were not too bothered by all the fireworks, thankfully.

Camping camp will be a good break from the house and our routine here. Being distracted by Harper's online camp made the week less productive for me, so I'm aiming to get back to working more diligently on my projects when we get home. Part of that will be to come up with Harper's next camps. Arts and Science will be one. Crafts another. We have a zillion brown paper bags to work with. Let's see what I can find.

Halfway through the year and it all just gets weirder and weirder.