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The Corona Diaries Week 28 - No Rest

Last week started off well. ("Well" is relative in covid times...) and then it went downhill fast in the dark.

RBG's death and all the reaction about it finally hit me on Tuesday or Weds and then there were some truly awful people that I texted in one of the texting programs. Usually the MAGA types don't bother me at all, it's water off a duck's back as I close out those conversations. But sometimes you get sick, horrible people lashing out. Luckily the group I text with is incredibly supportive and a kind community so I could commiserate with them and get lots of love and support back. But it just added to how already low I felt.

My week was also low because I realized I was letting Harper down by not helping her enough with school. I was a failing teacher's aide. I assumed she was in the groove of the school day and the assignments (there is no "homework" per se) and the uploading to their school website and etc etc. But she had missed a few things. I also caught her playing computer games while in class, which I of course told her was bad and shut it down immediately. I feel so bad for her, for all of them, because this is not normal and it's hard and frustrating. So I came up with a daily routine around school and assignments and how to start and finish the school day properly. I'm also going to talk with her about how to occupy herself in a productive way  - drawing or squeezing puddy during class. Something like that, any ideas are welcome!

I started writing this yesterday (Sunday) and didn't finish it until now (Monday morning). Yesterday Harper grumped around in the afternoon, she had already watched a lot of tv and I told her to turn it off. She had already used up her 2 hours per week of ipad/roblox game time the day before and we also had a bike playdate the day before. So there wasn't much to do. She kept asking for me to do stuff (I was cleaning the house and Kurt was working) (and she had finished her house cleaning assignments) and moaned and complained. I finally said, "Harper, I am frustrated too, I wish we could just go to any park, I wish we could go to the movies, I wish we could do everything we used to do, but we can't!" She stomped into her room and walked down the hall to my room shouting over my shoulder:


A truer sentiment was never uttered.

Interestingly, while I was making dinner hours later, she was helping me set the table and she cut cucumbers. At one point she said, "You're doing a good job, Mama." I thanked her and smiled. Kurt told me later that she said the same thing to him when she went out to his office to tell him dinner was almost ready. Then at dinner she said to both of us, "How annoyed are you by the coronavirus?" and we said A LOT. Then she asked "how annoyed will you be if trump wins?" And we said, A LOT LOT LOT.

Important lesson learned: make sure to share how I'm feeling more often. I had been expressing similar thoughts before (about the election and pandemic frustrations) but now I'll be sure to share appropriately about these things more often.

Election day is also our anniversary this year (19 years!) We are considering a mid week getaway the week after to hopefully celebrate on both counts. (Fingers crossed it's a two-fer celebration.) I've been back and forth about spending the money (it's not crazy expensive) but after yesterday's conversations with Harper and the dark week I had, I'm booking it. We will need a break. Going to find a place with a heated pool and strong internet so Harper can do school while we are there.

Third Grade Milestone (a passive one): Picture Day in times of Covid. Masks, socially distanced line and outside photo studio set up. And Harper put on LIP GLOSS for the occasion. omg.


Here she is in a less formal pose at home.


Other milestones: Mr. Biscuit learned to climb a tree last week. We weren't sure if he could get down again, but gravity helped a lot.



Mr. B also found new hiding places


And has found his long legs are becoming an issue in his little hidey-hole.


I had regrown a sweet potato about four months ago and planted it in the garden. Had a little harvest last week!


Kurt had bought a bunch of small sweet potatoes at TJ's earlier in the week so I used the store bought ones to make sweet potato pie. Harper helped.


It was tasty but I used garam masala instead of nutmeg and while it tastes great, I should have put in less of it. Also I don't have an after picture because it looks remarkably just like the above "before" pic!

Whipped cream is a must.


Speaking of garden - Harper has seeds growing for science class and man those things grow fast. This was Monday:


And this was yesterday - a week later:


The lantana out front of our house is lovely.


And at our favorite LA dog's house (Arnie) they have an apple tree growing and lovely apples! I want to plant one...


Early morning office view:


While Biscuit is a big goof, he is sincerely one of the sweetest most patient cats.


Thankfully last week, there was plenty of art. Sea themed:


This is a picture Harper drew from a game she and Kurt play called Horizon Zero Dawn (which we call Verizon). Harper has gotten good at it and the main character is a strong young woman, so that's nice.

Another self portrait.

A friend sent word she was have a tough week too so I told Harper about it and asked her to write a card with me. She drew this picture which just nailed it.

Science school work. Life Cycles.


I've been watching a lot of West Wing reruns during lunch or at odd moments and I quote CJ: "That's a full lid, everybody."