The Corona Diaries Week 33 - The Texting Intensifies
The Corona Diaries Week 35 - 7 Weeks Until 2021

The Corona Diaries Week 34 - OMFG Joe Biden Won The Election!


I had not let myself even begin to hope until Thursday night when the numbers started to go his way. But even still, I didn't let myself really celebrate until it was finally called on Saturday morning. I cried as I went to tell Kurt who was in the other room. Astonishing.


But it was a busy stressful week before that good news. I spent the weekend before the election at my computer just about the whole time. Kurt made breakfast on Sunday and I ate it at my desk while texting.

IMG_4864 2

Mr. Biscuit had kept me company since the dark early morning.
IMG_4864 2

Monday we got a visit from Grace! She camped in our backyard and we ate sushi dinner outside. It was nice to have a good time for a little while in between texting!
IMG_4864 2

One of those mornings (omg my whole week is a blur) I went to for a walk and saw this lovely succulent garden. I stopped and admired it while breathing deeply.

On election day I was still busy with the text group, getting out the final texts to help anyone in states where you could register and vote on the same day. I was weepy. That was it, that was the day. There was much camaraderie and love and support in our group which helped so much.

Tuesday night was feeling not good. It didn't look over for Joe Biden, but it wasn't clear at all. Wednesday I got back in bed later in the morning. It was nice to just let myself do nothing while waiting. Waiting waiting waiting.


But Harper's school week went on. She has three afternoon zoom classes and she makes this piece of art to cover her computer camera for some reason.


Every week she has vocab with a spelling quiz on Fridays.

We help Harper study them at dinner, quizzing her while we eat. She likes to quiz us back so I told her to grab the antique book "25,000 words" that mom sent to us. It's literally a list of words and pronunciation markers. It's a fun dinner activity!


I did make lunch for Harper on some days. I love these cafeteria trays!


Harper's clay class made fun clay foods! I love that carrot.

Mr. Biscuit worked my already frayed nerves by exploring the mantel. Luckily he came down without breaking anything!

Lastly, Kurt would not like you to know that he won an award for one of the projects he worked on in the Theme Park world. The Themed Entertainment Association has yearly awards and Kurt was on a team that one last year. YAY!!!

He's going to be mad I'm posting this. But I'm really proud of him! He worked hard on it and might even get to work on the sequel! 


I never won a damn thing in my whole stupid career. (sour grapes much?) So why not celebrate this?!?!


Oh and it was our 19th wedding anniversary on election day. We both sort of went "oh yeah..." and moved on. Ha! But this coming week we have a 2 night get away for the three of us to relax and have some fun. I had booked it weeks ago, hoping we would be only celebrating and I'm glad I did.