The Corona Diaries Week 35 - 7 Weeks Until 2021
The Corona Diaries Week 37 - Thankful

The Corona Diaries Week 36 - A Quiet Week of Mr. Biscuit

The week went by quietly. Not a lot of fanfare. A true respite from all the previous week of election results and mini breaks and haircuts. When scrolling through my pics for images from the week, it was mostly Mr. Biscuit. Makes sense. He's large. We like to call him "Big Galoot".

I've been getting up in the dark to work on a creative project and Biscuit likes to help.


But then he decided my open laptop was an ideal spot to sit. NO, BISCUIT!

He's learning to be a lap cat.


And is often just cute.

He explored Kurt's office.

Did a very cat thing with a towel on the floor.


and worshiped at the altar of Willoughby.

Mr. Biscuit has learned to climb the fences, using objects on our side to get up, but once he's in the neighbor's yard, he has a hard time climbing back over. I had to retrieve him the other day and Willoughby was sitting on the fence looking down at Biscuit. I swear she was laughing at him.

Aside from cats, Kurt was busy attending teleconferences for the theme park world, meeting new people, learning new stuff. I was busy working my new seven week goal plan. Harper had school. I also started on a little tiny VFX bidding job. I found myself stressed out about it, my body saying, ugh, it's been a while, we are out of practice. PANIC! So I asked Harper to draw me a picture of a sunflower so I could look at it and relax. She very kindly obliged:


Harper had time to do more art as she got in trouble on Monday, playing computer games when she knew she wasn't supposed to. So she had to get off the computer (except for school) for a week. Luckily the timing worked out that Gammo sent fun crafts to do before Christmas, so Harper spent some time making ornaments.


She also added to her clay food collection with this charming cheeseburger.


I worked on eating better/more interesting lunches. I call this my "leftover bowl". It was yummy.

That was the week. Nice to have it be uninteresting for a little bit!