The Corona Diaries Week 36 - A Quiet Week of Mr. Biscuit
The Corona Diaries Week 38 - Birthday and Holiday Prep Week

The Corona Diaries Week 37 - Thankful

I'm pretty sure Harper was thankful for Thanksgiving week being a week off from school. And that she got to watch a LOT of TV.

Thanksgiving week for me was busy with creative projects, cleaning out nooks and crannies, pulling out Christmas lights and going through Harper's clothes. I have put off buying new clothes for her as long as possible. It's not like she is going out with hole-y, extra worn out and ill-fitting clothes, so I left it as long as possible. She'll put something on and I have to keep from laughing as the shirt or leggings will be so snug. Same goes for shoes. And with birthday/christmas coming, we can kill two birds with one stone on the new clothes front.

I'm thankful for many things and to celebrate all that we are grateful for, we had a tiny little dinner on Thanksgiving. None of us care what we eat and Turkey is never high on the list so we had steak, mashed potatoes, homemade gravy, broccoli and brussels sprouts. I also made cranberry sauce/relish, but mostly to show Harper what cranberries actually look and taste like.

Harper decorated the table.


I got the berries going, simmering them down with water and sugar....

....and not paying enough attention! Sticky mess. Oy.
IMG_5007 copy
Harper peeled potatoes.


I have become quite adept at making excellent steak in the cast iron pan! Then I made gravy in the same pan. Yum.

Harper continued decorating.

And we sat down and had a feast!

Dessert was a three way compromise for Strawberry Shortcake. It was yummy!

Then we watched a bunch of Wallace and Gromit.

Friday morning I went for a mammogram. Good times! The technicians were very nice, and quick which is the best compliment to pay when having one's bosom squashed.
On Friday, we also put up lights in the tree and on the house. We don't always do it so early but this year I needed it.We went out in the chilly evening air to admire our handiwork.


We won't get a tree for another few weeks - that will always be after Harper's Birthday! Plus we get a real tree and like to keep it somewhat fresh.

Harper asked me to watch a show about Christmas decoration make-overs. She seemed obsessed. So I asked her to draw a picture of how she'd like to decorate our living room. She obliged! And it's really cool regarding perspective. The key things are to create the Merry Christmas banner and to have garland over the mantle. There will also be a tray with faux candles and other decorations on the coffee table.


Harper also like to send us messages and Post-Its are her main medium.

She also loves to decorate envelopes when sending letters to Gammo. This one was extra funny as Mr. Biscuit had chewed a corner of the card off so Harper had to explain it.


Trader Joe's has my favorite seasonal tea back in stock. Yay! (It's the little things.)


Trader Joe's also had this "decorate the cookies" kit. So Harper and I had at it. But um. Can not recommend. It all tasted kinda yucky. Oh well! Live and learn...


This was the pile of clothes that we sorted through in Harper's room. So nice to have younger twin girls who live a block away to hand-me-down to!


And ever the cats. Mr. Biscuit will not be kept from his wooden bowl, no matter where it ends up.


Still enjoying the laps.

Caught them just hanging out, no yelling, no swatting. Just chillin.
IMG_5027 copy

And that was the week. I kept working on my Seven Weeks projects and made some positive headway on about 60% of it. Five more weeks to go...