The Corona Diaries Week 50 - March Again
The Corona Diaries Week 52 and 53 - Seriously Ready To Be Done

The Corona Diaries Week 51 - One Year Later - Impatient and Antsy

I've put off writing this for two days because I'm getting so bored with it. After a year, I want to be done with Corona Diaries. (I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this.) Also, I think I miscounted weeks somewhere in there. Last week should have been 52...oh well. Time has no meaning anyway.

Part of the impatience is the anxiety that after all this time, we could still catch Covid. Not that we are changing how we are living right now, not at all. But numbers are still high in LA County and you just never know. I have been consistently wearing two masks any time I go out, and washing hands and using sanitizer, etc etc., and I still worry. We've not been doing many play dates out in the park, and the two times we have it's only been with one other kid and their parent. And both times we have gone were Sunday mornings and the park was PACKED with kids at soccer practice and all the accompanying families milling around and playing in the playground. Which is not great for Harper because then we don't let her play in the playground. Too many kids/people.

I'm a very calm, relaxed person. It's been a stressful year and I do get stressed, but I often get asked by doctors - is your pulse/ blood pressure always this low? Yup. But those Sundays, seeing the park teeming with humanity makes my eye twitch. Luckily the only place that is empty in the park is the big lawn and that is where we sit.

There is also a new restaurant* across the street with a huge outdoor patio and it is packed. And it looks so inviting...god it looks so nice. But we are not going out to eat yet. Not even out on a giant outdoor patio in sunny Santa Monica. Kurt and I even drove by one of those days and said, "Do you think we could...?" and then we both said, "Nope. Not yet."

And let's not start on going back to school. That will more than likely happen a month from now, in a modified form. But I'm not going to worry about it for now. That's for later.

One year.

One year and still more tough times to come. It is getting better - I know that. I see the infection and death rate numbers going down and the vaccinated numbers going up. But it's not fast enough to change anything yet. LA is still in the "Red" zone. There are still plenty of people who will get sick and some who will die from this. And even with millions of people being vaccinated every day, if you live in LA and are eligible, it's challenging to even find an appointment for a vaccine right now. (I looked just for fun.)

I had to pick up something at CVS the other day and the amount of hand sanitizer displayed was almost obscene. Remember a year ago you couldn't get any for months and months? And now, we are swimming in it. And we will live with it as a much more involved thing in our lives forever.

I tell you what though-and I've mentioned this before-I do not miss being sick. We haven't had a cold or anything in a year. That's been nice/amazing. And I plan on continuing the mask and sanitizing routine for a long time to come.

So. Last week. It rained! And hailed! Twice in one day!


Harper had to warm her hands after collecting the hail.

And no, there was no snow cone creation or eating of the hail in any way as it had been collected from the dirty tarp hanging over our driveway...

Harper asked for a nail painting session to paint each other's nails. Precision is not her strong suit yet.


Last time it rained, a week before, the power had gone out for a few hours. Harper loved that (No school!) and so she wanted to recreate it one night and have "old time" night. We kicked it super old school with candles and a game of Sorry.


Sorry is my favorite game because there is no real skill involved, but it's exciting. Things can change for better or worse at any time.

We got another check from our insurance company for all the non-driving we've been doing this year. It's a big help.


I have a friend who buys vintage china. He is fantastic about it in that he actually uses most of it. It's not purely decorative. (I'm too practical for just having stuff to look at. I like it to be functional!) He also collects vintage airline dishes from first class service. I was inspired to buy one little plate myself. A United Airlines plate. I love the old school logo and United was always our airline to and from Hawaii forever. I have nostalgia for it so bought this. I'd love to have three more as it's such a good size for bread/butter or little sammiches.


Not much in exciting cooking last week. We had a lovely brunch on Saturday with bacon from the monthly bacon delivery Kurt gets as his Xmas gift from my mom. I love doing an all in one serving platter.


In non food things, Harper has been experimenting with things in the kitchen. Flour, food coloring, spices, etc etc. She created this, uh, concoction last week.


It smelled good!

And cats.


And now I am off to try my hand at a vaccine stand by line at the Rite Aid near me. Fingers crossed.