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Re-Entry is a Bitch


When this pandemic started last year, when it was an EMERGENCY, life was easier.

Okay, "easier" might be the wrong word. I should say life was more clear-cut.

Stay home. Wash your hands often for 20 seconds. Only go shopping when absolutely necessary. Wear a mask outside. Use hand sanitizer. Keep your distance! Learn how to zoom!

And so we did. We adjusted. It was a rough adjustment to be sure, but the rules were pretty clear.

We got good at it. Harper learned how to have remote school. I learned how to supervise remote school. I made summer camp for her last year and came up with some fantastic things to do. Kurt shopped at Trader Joe's like a hero. We did meal planning and tried lots of new recipes and baked things we had never baked before. (Why haven't I made that Japanese milk bread again??)

We waited for good news about the vaccine and we got it! Now we have been vaccinated for a while and feel a little more free to move about. LAUSD figured out a way to get kids back to school in a modified manner and that's been going well - weekly on-campus testing, social distancing, etc etc.


All that emergency stress and anxiety and adrenaline is still surging on some levels. You can't turn it off like a spigot. I feel much more relaxed about popping over to the store any old time to pick up eggs and milk if we need them. I stopped wearing my mask when I go for my long walks, though I carry one with me and still give space when I walk past other people.


Harper is not vaccinated so we can't just do whatever we like any time we like. There is still caution and care taken whenever we all go somewhere. We went out for dinner a few weeks ago, to a lovely outdoor restaurant (one that was built that way, not just taking over a sidewalk and lane of traffic). It was great! But it didn't feel "normal" yet.

Will it ever feel "normal"?

We are going to visit my mom in July and I find myself already planning exactly how to be on the plane with Harper and will be making the rules clear to her as we go. (Double mask on the plane, very little eating/drinking while in flight, throw masks away immediately upon arrival, etc etc).

I'd rather be over cautious than not. And its going to be a long long while before my shoulders and lower back fully relax. Even after Harper gets her vaccination at some point, I will continue to wear a mask inside places we go to. It might just be a placebo at that point, but you know what? Fine.

Also, I got a fish. He's my kitchen friend and I love talking to him.


Also also, my gardenia plant bloomed for the first time since I planted it about 2 years ago and OMG I'M SO HAPPY.

But still a bit anxious at times.

The Corona Diaries - The Twilight Zone

It's been almost a month since I last posted. Things have changed in a lot of ways and the blogging is not coming along as a regular thing anymore.

Which is FINE.

Kurt and I are now fully vaccinated and Harper started back to school on April 21st.

Things are certainly not "normal" but they are getting closer and closer in our little world. All of our friends are vaccinated and we had an amazing "hey we are in the neighborhood can we drop by?" phone call from some of them the other day which led to a 2 hour hang out on our deck without masks! That was sooooo nice.

We still only go grocery shopping once a week, but I feel like I have the freedom now to pop into a store to get a forgotten item any time if I need it. We don't see friends on the regular, but I know we'll start to more often. Harper has swimming again on Saturdays and summer is not too far away with in-person camp (with restrictions of course) and then our trip to Maui. There is a lot to look forward to in a careful, thought out way. And masks. Happy to still wear a mask. {knock on wood} We haven't had a cold or anything for over a year. I'm happy to keep it that way for a lot longer! {knock on wood}

A few people told me they cried getting their 2nd vaccine shot. Being the weepy type myself, I thought I would. Instead, I cried seeing Harper off to school again!

She prepped her outfit the night before.


I am relearning how to pack a lunch and snack.


Safe Distances while we wait to go in the gate with temp checks and daily pass checks. Harper gets tested at school every week.


We had another overnight/baking adventure in Ojai with our friend Betty. Yummy dutch baby breakfast!


This giant dude (still a puppy!) is named Indiana and he cruises around our neighborhood.

I'm still baking from time to time. Found a blueberry cookie recipe which I liked and they are pretty purple cookies!


Biscuit has had many adventures lately. Roof climbing...


...and lizard (DINOSAUR!) catching. The giant lizard's tail was long gone and I thought it was close to death. I picked it up and took it too the front yard and it sat for a minute then BOLTED away. Whew. I know, it goes against the prime directive, but cats have nine lives, so why not give a lizard another chance?


A friend gave Harper this funny karaoke microphone. She loves it.

And we are stocked up for summer! Okay, well, for a few warm days anyway. These won't last long...


That's kind of it. I've been working on a new creative project, doing some paying work from home and making future travel plans. It's weird to feel "free" to do that. It all feels weird. I hope more people get vaccinated. I hope things continue to get better and better. I hope.