Little Free Library

Okay how cool is this?


It's a couple of blocks away on a smaller side street. It's a whole organized thing -- check it out:

Little Free Library

I realize I've been far away from the series of tubes this last year (does anyone say "series of tubes" any more??) so this might not be news, but I love these little free libraries. Yes, yes, books in all regular libraries are free, I know. But there is something so micro community and sweet about this kind of book sharing, makes me happy down to my actual book, actual page turning core.

Here's what made it even cooler: I've been cleaning out shelves and closets and bedside tables, etc. and yesterday, Harper and I took a few books to leave in the box. I browsed first and found "The Warmth of Other Suns" which is a book I've had in my "save for later" section on Amazon. Awesome! Now I don't have to wait any longer. (Well, there are about a jillion other books on my bedside table, so there will be a bit of a wait...) 

Hooray for books!



Reading Is Fundamental

Harper has many books, lucky girl. And we read to her a lot. We've bought her many books, but have also received many as gifts and hand me downs. We have so many that I am stil occasionally surprised to find new ones. This weekend I gazed over to the shelf and saw both "Nake Mole Rat Gets Dressed" and "Pigeon finds a Hot Dog." How awesome is that?
I also love that our book reading has a big influence on Harper as this weekend she spent a lot of time doing this:


Sweet girl.

Oh and she has my feet. WEIRD!

What I've Been Reading

It's been a spate of non-fiction this last month or two. It started with a book sent to me by my mom called The Power of Habit-Why We Do What We Do In Life And In Business by Charles Duhigg. PowerofHabitIt's a combo of self help and business practices, all with fascinating stories around certain companies, products and society. A good read, but nothing earth shattering to learn for me. There is no magic bullet to changing habits!

SoldierdogsNext I read Soldier Dogs - The Untold Story of America's Canine Heroes by Maria Goodavage. Ms. Goodavage was on The Daily Show promoting her book and it caught my fancy as I had recently finished reading about Rin Tin Tin. I was amazed at the amount of dogs there are in the military and the kind of training they go through. You have to be a very special dog to pass muster in the military. And yet they are still considered "supplies" like guns or vehicles. The stories of various events in Afghanistan and Iraq are amazing and the love the handlers have for their dogs is unsurprisingly touching. The dogs save lives and frequently give up their own as they are the first body in the way of bomb.


Save-that-cat-goes-to-the-movies-blake-snyder_mediumLastly, I read Save The Cat! Goes To The Movies by Blake Snyder. This was also a gift from mom, or rather I should say Harper (with help from mom) on Mother's Day. If you are wanting to write screenplays, Save The Cat is a great book to read. This second book takes what is in the original book, styles of scripts and movies, and divides them into type ("Golden Fleece" or "Dude with a Problem" or "Monster In The House") and then uses a specific movie as an example, breaking it down to its elements. It's a fun read and very educational. I already had some ideas on rewrites for my current script just from reading this. Highly recommend!

I love reading.

I Read A Book!

Harper is almost four months old and lucky us, goes to sleep around the same time every night. That means I can then cozy into my own bed and read before I got to sleep. JOY!

For Christmas (or birthday?) I got the book Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend by Susan Orlean and couldn't wait to read it. I had heard of the dog, but didn't know much and was amazed to find out what a gigantic star he was in the 20's. HUGE. Silent films often had animals as leading characters which makes sense as you could put any thoughts into their heads on screen. Interview-with-susan-orlean-author-of-rin-tin-L-6FOOv3

Rinty was apparently a phenomenal actor though many of his films were lost due to neglect and decay. The story of Rinty, his offspring/legacy and his master is a good one, I only wish there were more photos!

I have now moved on to reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. It was a surprise gift from my mom and it's pretty fascinating so far!

There are many more books stacked on my bedside table just waiting. Big thanks to Harper for being a good sleeper so that Momma can get some reading done!