Bunny and Mouse

Bittersweet Christmas Eve

LilStormpooperHarper is wonderful. That is first and foremost. She is sweet and (OMG) has slept at least 6 hours in a row these past three nights. What a wonderful Christmas gift! I realized though, that we didn't buy her a darn thing. We'll have to find a nice ornament to mark her first Christmas. She is cute and wiggly and amazing which helps during these crazy first few weeks! But we are getting used to the new normal and enjoying so many of the little moments with her. The faces, the finger grabs, the gas.

How come no one told me how cute little baby farts are? Seriously cute.

But all this is tempered by our dear Bunny being on her last legs. It's been a roller coaster of vet visits and trying some different medications to at least make her feel better. She's 18 (almost 19) and has lived a wonderful long life. I've had her for almost 17 years and was so happy when Kurt and I got married that Bunny loved him as much as I did. So now we are watching her day to day, hoping we don't have to make that very tough call too soon. She could be here for a few more months or it could be a few days or a week or two. So hard to know. We don't want her to suffer so finding the right time to say good bye is a brutal decision. We've been blessed by such a wonderful little kitty spirit, no one wants her to go. Sad sad.

Then there is the usual missing of Jen at Christmas -- imagine what she would have bought for Harper! And Jack is gone too and I wish we could be on Maui with Mom.

So our little first Christmas with Harper is low key: poinsettia plant instead of a tree, a smattering of gifts for each other and Kurt's mom (who will join us tomorrow) and lots of kisses for Harper and Bunny. I've lit a few candles, including one that smells like a pine tree, and Kurt has poured us both a glass of wine.

I'm as grateful as ever for all that we have, especially now with Harper.

Merry Christmas all.

Harper and Bunny and Kurt


(Awesome "Stormpooper" hat was a gift from our friend Ron. Thanks again Ron!)


Pregnancy: Getting Close To The Finish Line

We are now two weeks away from our calendar due date. And aside from a big giant belly, it's funny how I can tell we are close in little ways.

My sense of smell reset to "normal". This happened a little while ago and boy am I glad. Most smells were not a problem, they just were stronger in general: people wearing perfume, (I had to stop wearing any), certain foods, etc. I was only overwhelmed by one smell during these nine months, enough to make a major change. That smell was our previous cat litter brand. I could NOT stand the smell of it! I had no issue with any cat pee or poop smell at all, just the litter itself. I had to hold my breath going into the pantry where the cat box was. Kurt is hero dad-to-be and has been changing the litter this whole time, but I had to ask to change brands. That was a huge help. But now I wonder if that old brand would bug me so much.

Drinking black coffee again most mornings. The taste of coffee was off the table for about seven months. I could have lattes, no problem, as the milk diluted the coffee enough. But just in the last three or four weeks I've started drinking coffee again and it's been okay. I started with creamer and then weaned down to just sugar and have now weaned down to nothing. Amazing. (All of it being decaf, btw, as I switched from regular about two years ago. Funny thing with that switch, I never noticed a difference!)

Red wine tastes good again. Alcohol was another "BLECH!" feeling once I got pregnant. I was surprised at how easy it was not to drink, the idea of the flavor of alcohol was kind of vile for months. But starting at about five months along, I've had a glass of white wine or champagne here and there. Nice in the summer. But red wine or cocktails have still never seemed in any way delicious. I tried a sip of red wine about three months ago. It was a no go -- it just tasted rancid. But more recently I've looked at other people drinking red wine and think, mmmmm, that's going to taste so good! Then this weekend we were at a party and I tasted Kurt's glass of red. YUM! So looking forward to having a glass or two all to myself in the not too distant future.

Lastly, Bunny has a large comfy seat when I'm in bed reading. She'll soon be disappointed, poor kitty.


Speaking Of Adoption

Well, we haven't actually spoken of it in a while because no news is no news in the baby adoption department. I promise, if there were news, you'll hear it here first!

However, April is the anniversary month for when I adopted Bunny from the West LA Animal Shelter in 1995. I would have bought her a cake, but I know she's too picky. She likes ice cream better.

Bunny is perfect cat and I am so glad I found her all small and squooshy faced in the shelter. She's also a mighty good sleeper.




And she loves Kurt best of all. As do I!

Yay for Bunny!

Speaking of Adoption

15 years ago today, Bunny came to live with me.

I had just moved into a one-bedroom apartment in West LA and was feeling oh so grown up. After a few months I really wanted a cat and while the lease said no, my landlady agreed. Since I was working full time, I knew I didn't have time for a kitten so I decided I would look for a short hair, young adult cat.

The West LA animal shelter was not far and I went in one Saturday to look. All the cats were in a set of cages along one wall. (They had a larger cat playroom too, but those were mostly kittens.) There were all kinds of cats, one cat was meowing and rubbing against the door of her cage, "pick me! pick me!" She seemed to be trying too hard (and who could blame her) but she already seemed too high maintenance. Then there was an old calico. I mean, on his last legs, old. Like someone didn't have the heart to see him through to the end and took him to the shelter instead. Broke my heart and I almost adopted him but was honest with myself that I wouldn't be able to give him the attention he needed. 

Then there was this one. She was curled up in the back of her cage, awake, but not getting too much involved. One look at that goofy face and I was hooked. I asked if I could pick her up and the guy said sure and opened the cage. I picked her up and saw she had no tail! (Turns out she's a Rumpy Manx.) She was small, seven pounds, and calm and only about a year and a half old. I looked at that face and thought, who is going to pick her with all those other much prettier cats here? I knew I had found my cat. 

We completed the paperwork, I think it cost about $12, and she went directly to the vet from the shelter to get spayed. I picked her up a day or two later and brought her home. I didn't know what to call her, tried a few things, but nothing seemed to stick. Then I started to call her Bunny, as kind of a joke, since she looked like a rabbit without a tail and her rounded backside. Bunny stuck. 

Of course she gets all kinds of names: The Rabbit, Bun-Bun, Gross Bunnage, Grumpy Manx, Pudu (cuz she looks like one), Supreme Predator, etc. 

When Kurt moved in, it was like I had been just some caretaker until her *real* owner showed up. She fell in love with him immediately. (Well, who wouldn't?) If Kurt is in any kind of prone position, you can generally find Bunny there too. Sort of like this:


She loves her Kurt.

Bunny is adorable, though she does tend to hog the bed. In the colder months she'll sleep under the covers between us. She tends to take up most of my side, which seems impossible for an eight pound cat with no tail. But somehow she does it. Some nights she'll take up half my pillow and I have to shove her off. Then there are mornings when I wake up and her head is on my pillow and the rest of her is under the covers and it's so damn cute you just can't stand it. 

The Bun is 16 or 17 now and still going strong. She has a bit of arthritis which gives her a soreness and stiffness in her left rear leg, but she is still the alpha female, chasing Mouse around the house and picking "fights" with her from time to time. Mouse is twice Bunny's size, but that doesn't matter. Bunny is a tough, scrappy cat. When Mouse goes to the vet, she cowers in fear in her carry box. When Bunny goes to the vet, she is always looking for a way to tunnel out of the box. 

I got lucky fifteen years ago, finding this sweet, round, snuggly, tough cat. I hope she's around for 15 more!

I loves my rabbit!

Miscellaneous Photos

We were in downtown LA recently, walking around a bit and I snapped this shot. Angles, corners, fronds.


☼ ✦ ✲ ✺ ✣ ❅ ☼ ✦ ✲ ✺ ✣ ❅ ☼ ✦ ✲ ✺ ✣ ❅ ☼ ✦ ✲ ✺ ✣ ❅ 

Here are Bunny and Mouse in a standard position. How can you not resist those tiny feeeeeet?


☼ ✦ ✲ ✺ ✣ ❅ ☼ ✦ ✲ ✺ ✣ ❅ ☼ ✦ ✲ ✺ ✣ ❅ ☼ ✦ ✲ ✺ ✣ ❅ 

Recently I was at LMU to speak on a panel of women in the Biz. I walked by McKay dorm and had to take a picture of my former room (the circled one, duh.) It was a two bedroom suite with a shared bathroom. I shared one of the rooms room with Shana and we did our best to make it look like Ferris Bueller's room. Yes, it was 1986. Good times!


☼ ✦ ✲ ✺ ✣ ❅ ☼ ✦ ✲ ✺ ✣ ❅ ☼ ✦ ✲ ✺ ✣ ❅ ☼ ✦ ✲ ✺ ✣ ❅ 

For Valentine's Day I made heart shaped cakes out of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Cookbook that my mom gave me in high school. (Oh, I'm a huge fan. Of the books. DO NOT talk to me about the tv show.) They came out not as well as I remembered making them before, but taking into account they would have been an amazing treat on the prairie in the 1870's, I didn't mind.




Kurt loved them. Sweet.

☼ ✦ ✲ ✺ ✣ ❅ ☼ ✦ ✲ ✺ ✣ ❅ ☼ ✦ ✲ ✺ ✣ ❅ ☼ ✦ ✲ ✺ ✣ ❅ 

After Christmas as I was putting away the decorations, I dug out this incense coil from the back of the cupboard. I was surprised I still had it. I got it in December of 1999, when my step brother Gary died. He died suddenly (I mean literally fell to the floor and died) of heart failure on December 23. Tragic, shocking, quite unfair. Gary and his fiance, Carol, had an import business and they were bringing in all kinds of things from Asia, including these amazing coils. At Gary's memorial we had these hung outside and burning constantly. We took a bunch home to Maui and burned them there and I brought a bunch home to LA and burned them here. 

They last for about five days and I hung it in the backyard, thinking of him and of Jen.


After that tragic time, Carol moved on and is doing so beautifully in her own business called Red Egg

I would like to find more of these coils. Anyone know where I can get them in LA?

2009: A Look Back In Two Parts (Part 2)

Continuing from Part I of 2009: A Look Back.

We arrived in the Pacific Northwest for a record breaking heat wave. We stayed overnight one night in Port Townsend and enjoyed the pretty view and great company of friend's parents in town.


I had a mini-Seabury Class of 85 reunion with Steve and Courtney. The visit was way too short!


Another blogger field trip resulted in a new tattoo. Fun day


I got to celebrate the baptism of a good friend's son. Sweet ceremony. Sadly, this dear boy's grandpa died a few months later and we celebrated that amazing life with a funeral in December.


Later in August:



In September I got to meet internets superstar, Ben Huh. I also learned a lot of great stuff from him.


A gang of us got together in September to celebrate our 20+ year long friendships -- one that started at LMU in the late 80's. So much fun to get together and eat El Tarasco's!


Then I left LA to go to work in Northern Ireland on a tv pilot. More importantly, I met Elvis at the Belfast International Airport. 


Kurt came to visit for about 10 days and we toured the North coast, Giant's Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede bridge. Great weekend adventures...


...and plenty of Guinness!


Of course I was working. Here's another shot of me on set.


In November, Safety Graphic Fun celebrated it's first anniversary. Here's hoping we can get to the 2nd!


I got home from the shoot in Northern Ireland just before Thanksgiving and we flew to North Carolina to cook turkey and celebrate with great friends.


Just after Thanksgiving I was on another work trip to Montana and Oregon. I made a snow angel on Ted Turner's ranch...


...and generally spent time looking like this as the scenery was so lovely.


Finally. Finally. Finally. I got to come home. Three weeks before Christmas I could unpack and put my suitcases away. Heaven. Kurt and I both worked pretty full on until about December 24th. Bunny kept the Christmas tree monitored. 


Now we are sliding gently into 2010 with many creative irons in the fire and resolutions/goals/plans/intentions to have much to review and relive in one year's time.

Thanks to all my family, friends and new friends/fans who read this blog and send love and support. You all really held me up when I was feeling down in 2009 and I'm grateful to you. Thank you for making 2009 a year full of friendship and joy.

All the best to you all in 2010!

All The Little Things...

I can now, finally:

Wear anything I want out of my wardrobe.

Go to Zankou Chicken or Versailles. (Okay, that's just what I'm craving at this moment.)


Text Kurt on my iPhone (I was cheap and didn't do a data plan while away)

Do my own laundry.

Make my own coffee. (OMG this is huge.)

Not have to do math when making phone calls. (4 is 8 for LA and 7 is 9 for Hawaii, etc)

Pet the cats! 

There is much more, but these things are top of the list for the moment.

Yay to be home!

Oh but then I leave again on Tuesday for Thanksgiving (friends in No. Carolina) and then back Saturday. Then gone again on Monday for a location scout for another project. Back five days later. Then home to stay...