A Lot Of Firsts

Or as Harper might say "New!"

Trader Joe's is our grocery store of choice and we go often. Even when we are just driving by Harper waves and says, "Hi Trader Joe's!" She has her favorite peeps there: Court, Alicia and Miguel. Especially Miguel. Well, Miguel loves Harper too and gave her her very first lollipop. As you might imagine, Harper L O V E D it.

Lollipop1 Lollipop2



















Now whenever I say "Harper, want to go to Trader Joe's?" She'll say "LOLLIPOP!" (Though just as often she'll say "NO!" so there you go.)

Seemingly related, but really it was just good timing, Harper went to her first dentist appointment. I wasn't sure how it would go. She's great at the Doctor, last time she didn't even cry at all when she got one shot and one finger poke (blood test). I'll let that sink in. And now I'll repeat that: She didn't even cry!

But the dentist is different, not to mention new. ("New!")

Well, Harper rocked. She only got fussy when she was bored while the Dentist asked me questions. First Harper learned more about teeth brushing with the dragon and the giant toothbrush.


Then it was time for an exam and a cleaning. This picture looks more intense than it really was, Harper was just trying to get a good angle at the tv on the ceiling...


Her teeth look good, just have to keep going on the brushing try to get some flossing in. I'll admit, I haven't tried it yet...

Along with all this big girl stuff, Harper got a big girl bed. We said good bye to the crib and hello twin bed!




We do need to get something for the wall. I'd like to get another Blik surface graphic (the castle over the dresser is one) but we haven't decided what yet. I love their trees and butterflies. These wall graphics are also great when you live in an earthquake prone area! Nothing to fall off the walls over beds. (Oh I think of these things.)

The first night was a challenge, but then things have evened out. Some nights she needs some coaxing to stay in bed, but usually she's pretty good about just laying down. So far so good! The best part for me is that I can lie in bed next to her in the mornings. She used to say "Mama lay down?" when she was in the crib. Now I can!

Pushing carts and strollers is a BIG DEAL. And at CVS there are little wheeled baskets, just perfect Harper sized things to make Kleenex shopping that much more fun.



And last but not least of the firsts, apparently she and Kurt started their first band.


Meet Our New Family Member!

WilloughbyInTreeWe adopted a new cat. Well, I should say she adopted us. She showed up in October as a kitten, just hanging around our house. We started feeding her because she never seemed to go anywhere else. No collar, very very scared and seemed feral. But she started warming up to us and in the last month or so has spent a lot of time with me and Kurt in the office, sitting in our laps, playing, napping, just being a cat. So this week we took her to the vet and she has now spent two nights in the house, officially ours. Her name is Willoughby and she's really sweet. Though the claws are a drag from time to time as she hasn't quite learned to retract them when playing!

Harper has helped us feed her while Willoughby was outside. Harper says her name but it comes out "Ee-bee" or "Wee-Bee". The CUTEST thing was one night we were going to feed the cat who had not appeared and Harper stood on the porch yelling, really yelling, "EE-BEE! EE-BEE!" OMG I about died. Cute Overload.

Mouse, our 17 year-old odd-ball cat is not too pleased, but she's also curious. I hope they become good friends soon because Mouse needs a snuggle buddy. She's not a lap cat but used to snuggle with Bunny.

Mouse has not slept on our bed since Bunny died two years ago. Very sad. We want her too, but she just doesn't. So having Willoughby in the house and sleeping on the bed is so sweet. Her purring is LOUD and that makes me laugh. I really have missed a cat on the bed at night. Bunny used to sleep under the covers in the winter. She had cold toes. I miss Bunny a lot.

Welcome Willoughby!

Catching Up With The Harpster

Okay, I've become that mom that only posts pictures about her daughter. Oh well. I find I have so many things I want to blog about but then there is so much other fun stuff to do! Music class, swimming lessons (see below) and meetings with high powered producers to discuss my scripts. Oh that last one is just me, BTW, Harper stayed home.

Though lately Harper seems to be needing to have meetings. This morning she brought all these things to breakfast. So we had a breakfast meeting. Really hard to get Tigger to sit still. But Tiggers *are* wonderful things.


Last night Harper helped at TJ's. She always wants to lift the milk.


And today was FIRST SWIMMING LESSON! So exciting. She cried (I had to stand behind the one way glass door so she would focus on the teacher). It was tough but then Harper is amazing. She hardly cries. She would get a big sad face and cry a little but then look up at the inflatable dolls and point and reach for them. What a nice girl. Can't wait for more lessons. We'll go back and practice on our own later this week. The little swim cap just slays me. Thomas is a wonderful teacher.



Harper's Room Updated

We have a small house, only two bedrooms. The 2nd bedroom used to be my office, then Harper came along and it mostly became her room. But I left my desk and other furniture in there because there was no place to put it. Now that Harper is walking all the time, she needs more space. So I finally moved my office all the way out and the whole place is hers. Thanks to a visit from mom, a trip to Ikea and a bit of elbow grease this morning, Harper has a whole new room!

Here's before (and even before the crib) in October 2011:


And now today - February 2013: