Happy February!

Goldstar Watching the big game today, but just for something to do with Kurt and his mom on a Sunday. I'm always happy to watch for the commercials. I have just finished making the chili -- the recipe my mom has made ever since I can remember. I always loved it when she pulled out the HUGE pot that fit over two burners. That meant a LOT of people were coming over and fun would be soon at hand. I am also making hot artichoke dip. The word "artichoke" is misleading as really the best part is the hot mayo and parmesan cheese. YUM! There will be regular M&Ms for Kurt as well as his favorite: Lay's BBQ potato chips. And veggies to munch on as well. Can't be completely without fresh food! Secretly, I was so excited about having the hot artichoke dip that I had to jump around. I haven't made it/had it in ages and oh boy will it be yummy. I am hungry too but Kurt's mom will be here in an hour so I don't want to fill up on something else before the dip is ready. I compromised with a few pistachios.

Goldstar Had my yearly eye exam, the one with full dilation and close up inspection. My eyesight is still 20/20, thank the gods, and my eye doctor tells me every year that I'll need glasses soon. I keep being prepared for it, but then it's still all good. My eyes are also very healthy. Yay.

Goldstar I bought treats for certain college aged people...they prolly don't read my blog, but I'll not say what it is just in case. They will be out in the mail in a few days.

Goldstar I'm hankering for a road trip. My mom might be in No. Cal in a few weeks and if so I'll drive up and take photos along the way. It's tough when Kurt is working so hard, but we are trying to make time to go to the Grand Canyon. Item #8 that you didn't know about me: I've never been.

Goldstar Saftey Graphic Fun is rolling along. I love the images that others send in. They make me laugh outloud. The one from yesterday is especially funny. Stupid hats. Every day is a new experience/experiment with this blog and all the traffic. I'm loving it!

Eating Beautiful Food

396pxvegetarian_dietThere is a show on BBC America called You Are What You Eat. On this show, people who are overweight call in a nutritionist named Jillian to come to their homes, track their eating, check their overall health including analysis of their poo, and generally give them a stern talking to about their current situation. There are two parts at the beginning that blow your mind. The first is when Jillian lays out a large table with one of everything the person ate the week previous. And it is usually such a disgusting sight. Then they see a huge table full of gorgeous beautiful luscious fruits and vegetables in such vibrant colors. There are also nuts and beans and fish.

There is something so amazing and primal about looking at the table of beautiful bounty that makes me so happy. This show, and that table, have really inspired me to eat so much better than I have been. Even using words like "luscious" and "gorgeous" and "fresh" and "vibrant" to describe what I might have makes a different. When I make a shopping list, I now write "luscious fruits, gorgeous veggies" and it makes me so much more excited to eat them.

And as the show name says "you are what you eat" and the idea of eating luscious beautiful food makes me feel luscious and beautiful -- who doesn't want that?!

(Image found on Wikimedia commons and is in the public domain.)

Batter Blaster Update

Recall my previous post about Pancake Batter In A Can? When my sister and I were in Palo Alto, we stopped in Whole Foods to pick up some tea cakes and while browsing the other aisles, saw Batter Blaster in the dairy case! So we had to get it. My niece, Grace, gave it a whirl and what a good spokesmodel she is -- her career on QVC is a done deal. (And you'll notice that I really do need a new/better camera!)

Grace looks to the heavens for guidance:

Then she goes for it, making one perfect pancake:

Great color!

In it goes....

Mmmmmm, delicious, organic and convenient pancakes!

Thanks for being a great presenter, Grace!