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Weigh In Wednesay - Going Down!


My weight today is 183. I started this at 192. That makes nine pounds total lost so far in the last six weeks!

The Fast Diet is working as it should, slow and steady. I have realized though, that I'm taking a bit too much advantage of the "eat whatever you want on regular days." I still eat too much bread, not enough green stuff. Even if I'm eating whole wheat pasta, I do still like to toss in some broccoli or spinach or something. Get the green!

I'm pleased as punch!

Weigh In Wednesay - Maintain

LeopardI'm still at 185 this week. All good. The key thing is that my eating habits are changing for the better. Fast days are getting easier and easier. And on regular eating days, I'm now finding I just don't really care about snacking. I go to the kitchen but then am not pleased with anything there is to eat so I get some water and leave. Also on regular days, as I'm taking a bite of something I'll suddenly panic and think "Should I be eating this today!?!?" I am becoming more and more conscious of what I eat. 

But all that didn't stop me from having a milkshake for lunch yesterday.




Weigh In Wednesday -- TOO HOT! Edition

TigeronscaleMan it's hot. As they say, it's not the heat, it's the humidity. Melting.

But speaking of melting - those pounds are just melting away! Got on the scale today and it said 185. Good news indeed. And yesterday wasn't even a fast day, which made me even happier.

I am amazed that on my regular days, I just don't want to eat as much. I feel fuller much quicker and am less interested. I'm looking forward to this continuing trend.

Stay cool, people. Stay cool.

And We Are Back With Weigh-In Wednesdays - The FAST Edition!

Previously on Weigh-In Wednesdays:

HippoonscaleI had gotten to 199 pounds in 2008 (granted it had been a BAD/TOUGH/HORRIBLE year) and it was time to lose it. By December 2010 I weighed 175 with plans to lose at least 10 more pounds. Then I got pregnant and had a miscarriage. By Feb of 2011 I was at 182 and got pregnant again. I gained about 28 pounds during the pregnancy and was amazed that by February of 2012 (when Harper was 2 months old) not only had I lost the 28 pounds, but I was down to 172! Breast feeding is good for many things, including losing weight. I stayed around 175 through the first six months of 2012 then I went back to work full time. Stressful, long hours, tiring work. I finished breast feeding and the weight came back slowly slowly slowly but it came back.

FastDietBookCut to....August 2013. I heard a story on NPR about modified fasting. I was fascinated and bought the book The Fast Diet by Dr. Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer. What really got me interested was the research on how fasting can potentially do good things aside from weight loss. There are studies that show fasting can help longevity (important when you had a baby at 44!) and can potentially reduce your risks of cancer and diabetes and dementia, among other things. All good news! Oh and yes, I wanted to lose weight. I just wasn't interested in Weight Watchers again, though it had been successful previously.

I bought The Fast Diet book, read it in a couple of days (it's quick and easy) and wanted to give it a try. I had Kurt read the book too as I thought the science behind it was something he would be interested in. He was in and we started three weeks ago. We also got physicals with full blood tests and took our measurements as suggested by the doctor in the book. I don't know what Kurt's details are but mine are as follows.

As of August 6, 2013:

Weight = 192 (goal is 165)

BMI = 30.1 ("Obese" starts at 30)

Waist = 40"

Neck = 13.5" (if above 16 then worrisome)

Overall Cholesterol = 184 (best under 200)

HDL = 92 (60 and above is best)

LDL = 76 (70-100 is ideal)

TRI = 79 (below 150 is ideal)

Glucose = 5.5 (between 3.9 and 5.5 is normal)

The Cholesterol numbers are very good and always have been, thanks to good genes and probably it helps I've been an athlete most of my life. (My 40s not withstanding...) The weight needs to come down for sure and that's my main goal.

SO! Where are we today? As of August 28, I weighed in at 187. Five pounds off after three weeks of the 5-2 fast. NICE!

How does it work? It's pretty darn easy. For two days a week (you pick any two days) you eat only 500 calories for that day. (Men get 600 calories.) And it is recommended that you eat the calories in one or two meals, not grazing throughout the day. The positive results of fasting are in the hours when you are consuming nothing and your body has time to "reset." (Dammit Jim, I'm not a doctor, read the book! Or go to the official website of Dr. Mosley. He practices what he preaches.) You can drink water and tea and coffee as long as there are no calories added. Also, you don't have to have the two days be the same every week. I'm on a Monday/Thursday thing and if I have to schedule an important lunch or dinner on one of those days, I'll shift the fast day. Easy.

You know what? It's not that hard. What's hard losing is the HABIT of eating on those two days, not the lack of food in my tummy. I feel hungry on fast days, but no more hungry than a busy day when you don't have time to eat and suddenly it's 6 and you go, hey, I'm actually hungry! Fasting makes you SOOOOOO conscious of how many times you might get up to go eat something simply because you are bored or tired or that's what you do at noon or the tv is on or you've had a bad day and food is comforting. (This is totally me, btw).

What makes it easy for me are two things: 1) you still get to eat on the fast day! and 2) you can eat whatever you want on the non fast day. So while a lame old-school diet says "YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ICE CREAM EVER AGAIN" this one is about having whatever you like, just not on those two days a week. So on a Monday I might look at cookies at the store and want them, but I just tell myself, you can have the whole box tomorrow! But funny thing, I never want them the next day. Or if I do, I have one or two and that's enough.

What has amazed me is that I'm never really any more hungry the day after a fast day. And I find I really want to eat less at each meal as well as eat less on regular days. I can feel that I'm starting to eat less and eat better foods already, simply by fasting two days a week and being much more conscious. And yes, I eat ice cream!

So what am I eating on fast days? There are some nice recipes in the book and I also bought another fast day cookbook. I've had for breakfast 1 package plain oatmeal with a 1/2 cup of blueberries and in the evenings I've had either 2 eggs with asparagus (no butter or oil) or a bacon and butter bean soup (from the book and it's YUMMY!). I've made a faux veggie pizza (whole wheat tortilla, tomato paste, big amount of steamed veggies and some mozzarella cheese.) But you can make whatever you want as long as it adds up to 500 (or 600) calories on that day. I also drink lots of tea and water and coffee.

I'm really pleased with the results so far. There is a bit of two steps forward, one step back feeling, but only if you weigh yourself every day. (The morning after a fast day I'm always 2-3 pounds lighter but that goes up after a non fast day.) So I'm going to stop weighing myself every day. Maybe twice a week, and for sure on Wednesdays.

I need to be healthier and to do it in a way that makes sense for me -- lose weight yes, but also get benefits of reduced disease risks? Hell yes! I've got a beautiful girl to live a long long time for.




Of Earthquake Kits and Exercise

Sunday I spent the afternoon refreshing our earthquake kit. After two small earthquakes centered near Beverly Hills last week, I said, "Right, we've been putting it off long enough!" We have two big boxes, one full of canned foods (a variety of fruits, veggies, beans, Spagettios, Spam and soup) the other that is full of cooking pots, personal hygiene items, diapers, wipes, work gloves, tarps, flashlights, batteries, playing cards, etc etc.

I tossed all the expired canned food and went to Vons to restock. My cart was full of these canned items and I kept walking by this French mom and her two young kids (let's say 8 and 10). I was hoping they didn't look too closely at my cart because of what was in there.I was mortified to imagine me fitting into an American Stereotype - cart full of Spam and Spagettios. Oy.

What? People aren't paying attention to me at all times? Oh. Good to know.

There was another woman who I kept running into at Vons. She was an older Japanese lady who didn't speak English too clearly but well enough that I realized she was trying to get me to come to Jesus, or at least church. I ran into her THREE TIMES! By the last time I said, "You've talked to me three times now, thank you!" And she walked away. Maybe it was a sign from god that I was doing the right thing by filling my cart with Spam. Let's hope.

This morning I got up before dawn to exercise. With a full time job and baby, life is about making choices to get all the things done you want to get done. I need to exercise, I really really do. Walking on weekends is not nearly enough and Harper is only getting bigger and soon will be mobile! I have to be ready. The only time I can manage is from 5:15 to 6:00am. (She wakes up around 6:30.) So up I got today and put on my walking togs.

It was so lovely! The stars were shining bright, Orion greeted me as I made my way along the sidewalk. The neighborhood was really quiet and I was surprised. There were cars along the busy streets (National and Westwood) but none on the smaller streets. The only other people I saw was a woman standing in her driveway with her golf clubs waiting for a ride, the newspaper delivery people and a security guard at Trader Joe's talking to an employee there. But there were no other joggers or walkers at all that early. Even the planes landing at LAX were still flying in the opposite pattern (landing from the ocean side). Amazing.

The only thing that made me nervous was the threat of spiderwebs. Our neighborhood only has street lights near intersections so walking along the sidewalk with close bushes or trees can be frightening. I was awake enough to think clearly but not awake enough to want that sudden burst of adrenaline after running into a giant spider web. So sometimes I walked in the street instead of on the sidewalk. When I was on the sidewalk, I hoped that someone had already been there ahead of me, but I doubt it...the terrors of pre-dawn LA!

My plan is to walk two early mornings a week, plus the Saturday/Sunday walks when I take Harper for a stroll. I have to also do a lot of stretching as my flexibility has atrophied as well. Slow steps for now as I get back into it. But I know I'm going to feel great about it.


Weigh-In Wednesday

SmiiiileIt's been a BUSY couple of weeks and so the weight has not fallen off as I'd hoped. As of today I weigh 173.6, so I've lost about 4.5 pounds since I started a few weeks ago. Not bad really, but I must get more serious about the weight loss and stop eating those mini candy bars at work. There are apple slices too, so I'll focus on those instead.

Exercise lately consists of walking to the farthest restaurants from work occasionally. That's about 20 minutes total a few times a week. Better than nothing I guess...oh well.

I put up a post it on my computer that says "160 - Seriously!" So I'm going to get there before Thanksgiving. I will!

Weigh-In Wednesday

Weighed in at 174.7 today. Up .7 but I'm not surprised as it was Kurt's birthday over the weekend and we had two, count them TWO fancy dinners out. One with just the two of us (love that babysitter!) and then one with Harper and Kurt's mom on Sunday. I was pleased that I stayed relatively light the rest of the weekend, but man those dinners were big and YUMMY.

Not much exercise yet, just long walks on Saturday and Sunday. I haven't made time in my week days to work out, though I have made time in the wee small pre-dawn hours to get up and write again. (Script Frenzy!!) Writing feels really really really good. Really. Good. This week is lighter and I will continue to work within my plan. I already appreciate actually feeling hungry before meals rather than constantly full.

Weigh-In Wednesday

I weighed in today at 174.0. Down 4 pounds since I started 2 weeks ago. Awesome! Slow and steady wins the race! I've been getting back into the groove of eating a lot less and making more fruit/veggie choices. This weekend will be a challenge since it's Kurt's birthday and we are having two special nights out. (One with just he and I and another with his mom and Harper.) Much good eating to come which makes me very conscious of the choices I'll make tomorrow and Friday.

I can't say I notice a difference yet in my body, but I know in a few weeks I'll be feeling great and that momentum will keep me moving toward my goal!

Weigh-In Wednesday

Remember back in 2010 I started Weight Watchers with a goal to lose 30 pounds? Well I lost 25 pounds, gained 7 back, then got pregnant. When I got pregnant I was 182, then I gained 27 pounds. After Harper was born I lost that 27 right away plus another 5 or so. YES I KNOW HOW LUCKY I AM!! Totally stoked on that effortless weight loss.

So I've been hovering in the 175 range and have made it my plan to lose about 20 pounds. I officially started last week at 178. Today I weighed in at 175.6. My target # is 158.I want to lose this by Thanksgiving.

My challenges are -- getting used to much reduced eating after almost 8 months of breastfeeding! Did you know breastfeeding burns about 500 calories per day?? You don't even want to know the amount of ice cream I've consumed in the last year. SERIOUSLY, I LOVE ICE CREAM!

But back to some better eating and losing weight. Harper is only getting bigger and more mobile (not crawling yet but soon) and I need to get fitter! I also need to work out more regularly, but with a full time job that includes a commute to Hollywood, that's tought to fit in. I try to at least walk out to lunch (even if just picking something up) every day. That's a good 15 or 20 minutes total. Better than nothing.

I'll be checking back in every week and I'll be losing weight in a healthy way. And there will still be some ice cream from time to time!