Things Harper Says - "SHUT UP!" Edition

Six year olds. {eyeroll}

We were walking into the school gate yesterday and she said:


Mama, when you have your hair like that you look like a grandma.



I got my hair cut a little shorter and had lowlights put in so that it looks more like how my real hair color looks. It's no longer all super blonde as you see in my picture here, I'm working on growing out my real hair color for a while a) for a change up and b) to make one less thing to have to worry about if I'm going to be working a million hours on a new job. (Which I should be this year.)

In one sentence she tapped into all my fears and sensitive spots about being an older, new (ish) mom. Yeah, I'm a 51 year old menopausal woman with a six year old. And man, some days I feel old and YES HARPER, YOU COULD BE MY GRAND DAUGHTER SHUT UP! In real life two people have asked if I was her grandmother. Oooof. Knife to the heart as I already feel weird about being this age and having kids. Weird as I feel like I was too chicken to have kids earlier in our marriage (it was 10 years before we had Harper), weird like I have regrets for having her so late and then only having one. It's complicated. 

And it all comes splatting me in the face with a comment about my hairstyle. Thanks for keeping it real, Harper.


Haircut #3






































Another successful visit with Trish to get the lovely locks under control with bonus ice cream sundae after dinner.





Second Haircut!

It's already been three months since Harper had her first ever haircut. It was getting a bit gnarly again - those curls like to tangle. Harper was excited for the event, especially because afterward we were going to get pizza. She still is not interested in the shampoo chair, but that will come later. But she did pick out shoes especially because "Trish will like them." That's adorable.

Here is the before.


During (Thanks Trish!):


Then there were a few tears and she needed Mama.


After at the pizza joint.


And a treat!


Another Harper First: Haircut!

Harper's hair has been growing since before she was born without a cut (we could see her curly hair in sonograms!), but finally it was getting a little out of hand. Curl maintenance is challenging enough on grown up hair, but a three year old? Nutty. So we booked an appointment with Trish, our family stylist, and Harper sat in the big chair. She was NOT interested in having her hair shampooed in the sink in back, so Trish prepped it with spray and a wet brush.

Harper was okay at first, but then got a bit freaked out and started crying.

Haircut1 Haircut2



















Not a happy girl. But nothing a little candy and a funny phone app can't cure...



 We didn't make it too short, just a couple inches. But that has made a big difference in the post-bath-detangle extravaganza that goes on about once a week at home.


Of course I saved a few curls.


And by the end, all was well, and we were all friends again!


About two days later she said, "Mama, I want to get my hair cut!"