366/2012: Day 136 New Hair!!

LOVE my new hair! Just couldn't take the longer hair anymore, plus it had begun the postpartum fall out and there is hair everywhere. Couldn't stand it!

The girl who was washing my hair before the cut asked what I was going to have done and I said I was cutting it short. (I mentioned having a baby.) She asked "pixie short?" and I said not quite that short. Then she said "mom-bob?"

OOOF! That hurt but I set her straight!

No mom-bob for me, ever!

366/2012 New Hair!!

Quick Thoughts For Your Hawai'i Vacation

1) When staying with friends and/or family, remember to open bathroom cabinet doors and drawers slowly and don't reach in immediately. This is Hawai'i and you never know what kind of creepy crawly might be waiting to exit said cabinet. Especially if said cabinet has not been opened in while! (Luckily this has not been an issue for me--yet.)

2) Why do I bother to blow dry and style my hair like I would at home in LA? As the tradewinds and humidity take their toll, it's as if I just stepped out of the shower and let it air dry anyway...!! I forget how much wave I have in my hair until I get home!


Speaking Of Hair... (Tom Made Me Do It)

(Tom made me post this, he didn't make me create the hair way back when.)

The year was 1985.  

I was a senior in high school.

I didn't think I could be "pretty" so I went with "unusual."  
(As in Cyndi Lauper -- "She's So Unusual") (Cyndi was/is my hero.)


And Tom, it didn't go all the way around, just halfway.  All the way would have been ridiculous.

My mom called me a skunk, but really she couldn't complain too much as I was student body president, off to college and had great grades.  

Thinking back on the 80's, I had to go get my Best of Oingo Boingo and listen to it in the rental car. Technically, I didn't know about Boingo until I got to LMU later that fall.

Back In Blonde

My hair stylist will be cranky with me but with heavy desire to return to all blonde and no budget, I went to the drug store and bought me a box-o-blonde.  I wussed out and didn't get straight up bleach, so I got a strawberry blonde result.  I'll give it two weeks to settle then go get the bleach.  


My eyes?  Well, they are sorta green but I tweaked the color in iphoto and blammo, super green eyes.