Pencils - Standard #2

IMG_5876I bought me some basic pencils today. Bog standard pencils. Classic yellow #2 pencil with pink eraser. I got a pack of 10 from the grocery store and I love them so far. USA GOLD - "Proudly made in Tennessee."

Harper's Pencils

Harper is in first grade and we are drowning in pencils. They are given as party favors and valentine favors and rewards at school and come flying out of piñatas. And most of them are CRAP. You can sharpen them over and over, but they break so easily and so often. With all the "oooh look! We can print pencils with anything cool on it!" enthusiasm, they forgot the basics about ACTUALLY USING A PENCIL.

I know I know, kids today barely use writing instruments of any kind (past a certain age).

But I recall pencils not only being used for writing, but for PENCIL FIGHTS! Raise your hand 🙋if you had pencil fights during recess or on the school bus! I certainly did. Armed with my trusty Berol Mirado #2 or the Eagle, I would challenge my friends. (All this in between Chinese jump rope and marbles and milk caps.) Berol Mirado Eagle Pencils 

I never grew out of my love for writing instrument. You might know I'm obsessed with office supplies in general, writing instruments in particular. So much so that I once did a Writing Instrument Census in our house. (Gosh that was in 2010 - I have two years to prep for the next one.)

PENCILS!! Get yourself some. You know you want to (affiliate links in this blog post):

The 2010 Frey Household Writing Instrument Census

For some reason last night Kurt and I were talking about pens. (I guess cuz we are writers?) I said something like, "Blah blah blah the 400 pens we have at home." My mind raced to all the drawers and cups full of pens and I said, "I bet we do have 400 pens at home." Kurt said he thought not. So I adjusted my total to 370, Kurt then Price-Is-Right'd me with his vote of 369 and even offered to let me include pencils in my count. I said no, pens only. 

Here's how it breaks down.

Grand total of writing instruments in the house = 485

Pens = 238 (Includes sharpies as I use them often for labeling)

Pencils = 109 (mechanical and manual)

Highlighters = 22 (I do use them a lot for VFX work when reading/breaking down scripts.)

Crayons = 96 (box set)

Magic Markers = 20 (oh that smell!)

And just because they are usually in the same spots:

Scissors = 11 (2 are the kitchen variety)

If you add up the pens, pencils and highlighters, you'll find it lands right at Kurt's guess of 369. Damn that guy is good at EVERYTHING!!

Sarah B asked if we are hoarders. Not really. Pens store quite easily in small places! (See the above photo of the top drawer in my office chest of drawers.) In that photo there are 52 pens, 33 pencils and 6 highlighters.

In my desktop pencil cup (made by Grace) there are 33 pens, 4 pencils and 4 highlighters. Well, there were. I added a few more of the large, new pencils and traded a couple crap pens out when I found awesome pens I love in Kurt's drawer. (Don't worry, he only likes black ink, so I took the blue and purple ones.)

I bet you'd be amazed at how many pens and pencils you have in your house!



Shopping For Beautiful Paper

I went shopping online for gorgeous stationery and paper. When I really want to treat myself by buying something, I buy paper. Clothes are nice, but I don't love clothes shopping, all that trial and error. Shoes are okay but I they don't turn me on like paper does. 

(Some of you have probably received a note from me on this.)

Today I spent $164 on paper, some of these shown will be arriving by fed ex within a week or so. And within six months to a year, they will be all gone. 


There is wrapping paper coming too and I love wrapping presents in beautiful bright papers. Makes the gift giving that much more fun.


When Kurt and I were on our honeymoon in Italy, I warned him that I wouldn't be spending any money on Italian leather or fashion. It would be about the paper. I took him to my favorite paper store in Rome. You know the one -- if you are standing in front the the Pantheon and walk toward it, keeping toward the right, about one block down on the right side of the street. See?

Can't wait to go back there, it's been way too long. Hmmmm, what are we doing after Christmas this coming year?