366/2012: Day 130 Again Nothing

It's just one of those weeks...busy and distracted so no pictures yesterday. Sometimes I borrow Kurt's photos but even he didn't take any. I even said to myself last night "after Harper goes to sleep I'll take a picture of something random" but then she wouldn't go to sleep right away and when she finally did I was pooped and went right to bed and forgot.

Hospital Time Is Crazy Making Time

The mom-in-law broke her hip on Friday. She tripped over her own feet and landed on her hip, breaking part of it and had surgery yesterday to replace that broken bits. She's 92, but damned healthy and in good shape so she came through surgery just fine and will be back bowling in no time. 

I hope you have never had to spend much time in a hospital (as a patient or a visitor). It can be a soul and energy sucking place like no other. Time slows to a crawl. Thank god for wifi and the iPad. In between helping the nurses and doctors communicate with the M-I-L (she's VERY hard of hearing) we would repark the cars (We got to the hospital at different times as I went to feed her cats.) or go to the cafeteria, just to break the monotony. Yesterday was particularly slow as it was surgery day and it took ages to get going and then hours more, post op. But as I said, all went well.

In the ER on Friday I was tweeting about all the stuff in the hallways, the stacks of drawers that I wanted to rifle through! (I am my mother's daughter.) Stacks of drawers like this:


And a cooler thingy like this:


And the crash cart -- locked. What's in there?? I have to know!


In the pre-op area yesterday there were drawers full of stuff just sitting there, right next to me! I refrained from stuffing my purse with these random items. (I'm a recovering medical klepto.) (Okay, I've never taken anything from a hospital drawer, but the temptation is there!)


Yesterday I spent more time in hallways walking to and from cars and cafeteria, etc. This little alcove caught my eye and I had to take a picture. It's like the break room for IV stands. What are they talking about?


Around the corner was this lonely safety graphic.


Funny how outside the hospital there is more color and life. (But as K1 would say "They say taupe is very soothing.")


Today will hopefully involve less hours in the hospital. If not, then I can't wait to see what else is around to witness. (And I'll take a better camera perhaps...)

Fun in Montana

Last Tuesday in Montana we stopped mid-morning for a coffee refill in Livingston. While everyone was inside, I had to run around the block to take photos of great old buildings and signage. You know me and the old stuff -- I love it!

The first thing that caught my eye was The Murray Hotel. Built in 1904, it has served as a rest spot for the likes of Buffalo Bill, Calamity Jane and more recently Sam Peckinpah. And it has great signs!



Directly across the street (and behind where I'm standing in this picture) is a Masonic Temple. Quite different in style.


Here is a bit of detail on the mural in front. Hard to see, but all very Egyptian. (click for bigger.)


Down 1/2 a block was this theater with the coffee place next door.


Wish I could have seen the inside.

One block over was the main drag and what a collection of cool buildings!



I may have mentioned it was cold. It was a toasty 24 this day.


Where does "Hiatt" come from? I've been to another "Hiatt House" before. Is it different from the origins of Hyatt? Anyone?


And I love this little detail in the window.


This was in the alley between the two streets I was taking pictures on. I love that there is a sign for the rear entrance. Seems so old school or something groovy.


The front looked like this:


 I enjoyed my 15 minutes alone with my camera in cold cold weather. 

"I felt untethered and alive."


Coast Starlight -- Twitter Replay Day 2

Coast starlight logo

Continuing our trip via Twitter up the West Coast on Amtrak's Coast Starlight.

Day Two, Sunday July 26, starting at about 5:30am.

Sun is coming thru a crack in the curtains, I can smell coffee brewing. Shasta is close. (click)

After Emeryville the Big Dipper hung just outside my window last night, sang me a lullaby. Truly was CoastStarlight.

Kurt's still asleep. Hard not to wake him so we can spoon and watch the trees go by. Bunkbeds! 

Nice view out the window, getting near Shasta. Breakfast time! (click)

My mother in law just said to Kurt and I, "I hope your offspring has your nose." pointing to me

Jaime the car attendent advised: "walk like a duck." It helps!

View at breakfast (click

The view after breakfast (click) NICE!

A breath of fresh air in Klamath Falls. (click)

Upper Klamath Lake. Gorgeous lake country in Oregon (click

beautiful day in the moutains! (click)

View at lunch. Willamette river I believe. Lovely. (click)

Arriving in Eugene in a minute, sucking up all the 3g I can get!

Hot and fresh air in Eugene. Nice break to be outside! (click) did I mention Hot?

Eugene is where my dear friend Jai died in a house fire with her two kids 5 years ago. Bittersweet memories of this town.

OMG we got MOONED outside of Eugene!!! That is fantastic! (click)

OH @ breakfast "I didn't become a language teacher because I'm good at languages." O RLY?

Hay! lol (click)

Quick stop in Salem. Hot cloudless pretty day. (click) Kurt is trying the shower downstairs.

Oregon City? Big industrial complex at the falls. (click) [Oops! can't find this picture...]

Aproaching Portland. Kurt celebrates with a hot dog. Only 5 more hours till Seattle. (click)

Big bridge into Portland. (click)

On that bridge into Portland. (click)

A HOT quick and not so fresh air stop @ Union Station Portland (click) nice station, classic!