Coast Starlight -- Twitter Replay Day 1

For those of you who don't follow me on Twitter (@Kulia), I live-tweeted our trip up on the Coast Starlight from Union Station (also called LAX) to Seattle. 

For those of you who don't know what Twitter is, it's like micro-blogging. You can only use up to 140 characters per post. You can upload photos to add to each tweet that links to where your images live. I took a photo for almost every tweet so please click the little link where indicated to see the visual. 

Here is Day One, Saturday July 25, starting at 9:00 am:

We've arrived at the station! (click for picture) 

LOTS of people in line for the Surfliner to San Diego. We don't have a track assignment for the Coast Starlight yet. Coffee.

Union Station (LAX) is lovely as ever. (click for picture)

My 91 year old mom in law just commented on how people use to dress up to travel. I'm in shorts. Hmmm

On board! (click for picture

We're off!! Adios LA!

First stop! The back side of Van Nuys is not as pretty as you want. (click for picture

Waiting for the coffee to be ready (click for picture)

Tunnels through Simi Valley, but lively rocks when we are out of the tunnel

*lovely* rocks

And now champagne!! (click)

Stop #3 Oxnard. Our lunch rez is in 1/2 hour. (click)

There's a place to eat in Oxnard near the train station called A Burger. Not THE burger. Just A.

Dining car! (click)

Santa barbara station - smoking stop (click)

Stopped south of SLO waiting for a freight train to pass. (click)

In the parlor car. (click)

Near pismo... (click)


Stop #5 San Luis Obispo (click)

At SLO we could step outside for a few minutes. Gorgeous day! (click)

Did I mention they have a movie theater on the train? Dude! (click)

Up and over the hill to Paso Robles. (click)

I also love seeing the original parts of cities and towns, the old Main or Front streets near the train stations.

Stop# 6 Paso Robles. Best picture I could get at this sweet small station. (click)

Also, watching Kurt tidy up a script-entertaining as he mouths words and gestures through the dialog.

Dining car just as we are arriving at Salinas (click)

Train is going through Watsonville which is right near where my sister lived. Suddenly feeling quite sad.

Didn't have my camera out but there was a multi screen drive in theater with lots of cars pulled up and getting ready to watch at San Jose

Post dinner diversion (click)

Sun going down as we pull into San Jose. (click)

Beds are made, teeth are brushed, just need jammies! (click)

That ended Day One of our trip. Next post -- Day Two!

Downtown Honolulu

After dim sum we walked over a few blocks to downtown Honolulu where the tall modern high rises surround the old old old Honolulu office buildings. There is the Alexander and Baldwin building:


It was built in the 1920's or so and has detailed doors and murals and floors in the entry (seen above). Amazing beautiful building.




Down the street (but we didn't walk down there) is the Dillingham Building:


Just another block or two down it the ocean.

Chinatown Honolulu Part I

(I wish my regular camera had not run out of juice. I had to make do with my iPhone camera. I'm glad to have had that camera though.)

Mom and Dana and I went to Chinatown on Monday morning for a little shopping and some dim sum brunch. Chinatown in Honolulu is Old Skool. You are in another country, but still in Honolulu, it's great. And I love how it is right up next to downtown Honolulu high-rises on one side.


The buildings are a mix of original Portuguese owners as well as Chinese and Japanese. That says "1901".



I love love love this old sign!



I really wished I had my bigger camera for this sign. It says "Hubba Hubba Live Review" and I think it said "Nude" somewhere...I would love to buy that sign and restore it!

The sign was on an empty building, down a side street that didn't have stores, just a few bars, open for business at 10am. And they were kinda busy for a Monday morning.


And I loved this building -- Portuguese name -- and that it is called "Pantheon". I wonder what it's original use was. It caught my eye especially because the Pantheon is my favorite building in Rome.

After the Pantheon, we stopped and had dim sum at a very very local joint.  Good bites for brunch, not much atmosphere, but who needs it when the food is yummy!

After dim sum we ventured into downtown Honolulu...

Oh And!

54799main_mars_smiley_faceI bought my camera today. I opted for amazon to deliver the Canon Rebel DSLR with 18-55mm lens. Then I will go and buy another lens. I should have just enough clams to cover it all and then I get two lenses!


Thanks to everyone who contributed to my camera fund. I literally couldn't have done it without you all!

(Image from NASA.)

Oooh, Speaking of Travel

My camera fund is now up to $575 thanks to some very good friends of mine with their belated birthday gifts. People love to give me money! I am very pleased and grateful to them and will go to Samy's today to do some hands on research and to see what they might have in the refurbished department. 800pxusdollar100front

More Benjamins are coming my way and soon I'll have my camera kit!

Camera Fund

For my birthday last month, I asked for cold hard cash from my family (and some friends who offered birthday gifts) so I can save for a new camera. My desire is for a Digital SLR so I can still do quick snapshots as well as have more control over my images when needed. I have two cameras in mind.

First the Canon Rebel DSLR. I have the 35mm Rebel and loved it very much. It's easy, light, not too expensive, and a trusted brand.

I am also considering the Panasonic DMC-L1 DSLR. It's fully moderne but also old school with manual aperture and shutter speed dials. It comes with a Leica lens, which is a huge selling point as well. But it is a little more expensive and to buy a different lens will cost a bit more in future...but it's so sexy:

My camera fund is currently at $375 and growing.

In the mean time, I need to go and touch them both, see how they feel and work and operate.