August Fun Miscellany

This week has been SO hot. And only a month ago it actually rained for a day. I can't wait for this much ballyhooed El NiƱo to kick in. Harper is going to need new rainboots



Willoughby likes to play outside in the rain, but not always.


Mostly, it's just hot and a little pool time is needed.



Movies are a good place to cool off. Harper and I went to a couple this summer. Minions was first (or "Funny guys" as she likes to call them). Mostly she found it loud and covered her ears 2/3 of the way through.


Next we went to see Shaun The Sheep. But first - movie snacks!


Again, a bit loud to start, but she put her hands down about 1/2 way through Shaun.


Afterward - cool treat!


When it's hot - cooking is really a pain! Always nice to go out somewhere else and eat. Especially when there is pasta.

Much concentration.




It Does Get Cold Here

I complain about the weather a lot. Too much sun, not enough rain. That is exacerbated by the drought we are currently in. However, it does occasionally get COLD. For a minute.


This was January 2. And yes it melted moments after the sun hit it. But it was cold, I wore a sweater AND a jacket and scarf.


October Fun and Catch Up

It's been a busy fall. It's been a HOT fall. God I hate Fall in LA. TOO HOT! Temps in the 100s day after day? No thanks.

We've stuck close to home, focusing on writing and getting used to the preschool routine. Harper seemed to adjust pretty quickly, but I've been waiting for a crash of sorts. I think it has come last week and this. She hasn't been napping as regularly at preschool and comes home TIRED. Makes sense. Last night she came home and didn't want dinner. Then we turned around and there she was. So sleepy.


To beat the aforementioned heat, luckily there is the beach. We went early on Saturday and our little Beach Bunny enjoyed it very much.


I think Harper is now a STAR in China. A tour group came through and they were crazy for her. They saw her on the beach and wanted to talk to her and take pictures with her. They weren't weird or creepy, honestly, just very enthusiastic. We saw them again in the parking lot and they took more pics! Yes, I stood close and made sure Harper was fine, she seemed to enjoy it though also seemed a bit confused. "Who are these people again?" A funny LA moment. If you go to China and see her picture anywhere, let me know...


Harper has mad Hide N Seek skills. I love hearing her at home "Papa, you go hide. I count. ONE! TWO! SEBEN! NATEY!" She would also let Kurt count and then "hide" by laying face down on the bed. "Papa, you count. I hide right here." Here you can see her outdoor H&S style. Where's Harper?


The artwork collection has started. I know it will pile up as time goes on, but these first ones are soooo fun to put up. She was quite pleased to put the wreath up in her room. Her Self Portrait is still on display at Happyland.

PreschoolArt PreschoolArt2









Speaking of artwork.


One day, Harper didn't really seem too interested in napping. She usually plays in her room, chills out, whathaveyou if she doesn't sleep. I didn't hear anything too alarming on this day. But when it was time to get up...oh boy. You can't see the walls in this picture.

Thankfully those pens are true to their word: "Washable". Notice the arm though. Mmm hmmm.


Well at least if you were wondering, this was a good exercise to confirm that Harper is mostly right handed...


And as for the youngest in the family...Willoughby is enjoying having Harper be at Preschool. She now has many more places to nap.


She's also keeping the changing table warm, as Harper barely uses it anymore.


But the "kids" get along great.

This is one of my all time favorite pictures ever in the whole history of the world.


Weather Extremes

A few weeks ago we had rain. A rare and wondrous thing in Los Angeles. We desperately need the rain and so do I. I think I have the opposite of Seasonal Affective Disorder. I need MORE cloudy rainy days in winter. All this sun is depressing. Yes yes, I know I know, I have it good out in sunny California. I just like a little more variety in my weather. A little more = just rain once or twice a month at least!

But back to the rain we did have. Harper was prepared! She loved going out in her awesome boots and splashing around. She also loves using an umbrella, inside, outside, anytime actually!


So that was three days of rain this whole winter. And this past week or so we've had days in the 90s again. Blech. But Harper loves that too. She gets to dig in the garden and find her new favorite thing BUGS! She loves the bugs and I'm making sure I help her gently hold them and then put them back. I don't want her to be freaked out by them at all. We'll see if that sticks.