New Job = New Shoes

When I got the new job I promised myself I would buy a new pair of Tom's. After getting my first paycheck this week I ordered them up and they arrived yesterday. (Really fast and I didn't even ask for speedy shipping!)

Here they are next to the pair I have been wearing into the ground. I love Tom's because they are fun and super comfortable. I also love them because for every pair you buy they give a pair to a child in need of shoes. How nice is that?

Yay for a job that affords me new shoes!

Oh and these new shoes are SHINY!

New Job = New Shoes

A Game of Thrones Thing I *Can* Blog About

After working on the original pilot in the fall of 2009 through spring of 2010 and not-really-blogging about it specifically, it's fun to just be a fan. Especially since 99% of what I worked on doesn't even exist in the new first episode/pilot due to recasting and reshooting after the show got a green light. My "fame" has now faded and I'm just another gal in line for the food truck.

HBO is doing a great food tie-in for Game Of Thrones. Tom Colicchio is creating menus from locations in the books and then serves the food (FREE!) out of trucks in NYC (last week) and Los Angeles (this week). Kurt and I went to today's location at Wilshire and Hauser and waited in line to get the grub.


The line moved quickly and the food was FANTASTIC! Seriously, that Colicchio guy knows what he's doing.

I opted for the sweet corn fritter and Kurt got the squab with black bread pudding. We both got the lemon cake dessert. I could have eaten seven more of all of it. The black bread pudding was especially savory and yummy and mmmm.


My camera's auto focus was drooling over Kurt's food and got a bit wonky.


The view as we left.


I'm probably going to track down the truck again on Thursday. Even if you have no idea about Game of Thrones, just go for the free delicious Tom Colicchio food!

You can see a bit more detail from Tom C himself about what we ate today:

Game of Thrones Mini Moot!

So there I was in Seattle and after almost a year of being twitter and FB friends with Paul and daughter Betty, we got to meet in person! Hooray!! (That makes US mini-moot #2 after having met Axechucker last summer.)


We spent the cold morning having coffee and yummy pastries at a local spot near their house, then went across the street to a park so Betty could swing in the swings and jump in the mud puddles. We talked about writing and movies and tv and books and all that stuff that makes us happy. 

Again, I just love the internets for all the new friends you can make without hardly trying! And while I was slightly popular with the Game Of Thrones gang while I was working on the project, that star is fading. But the friendships never will.

Thanks Paul and Betty for a great afternoon!


A Year Ago Today

One year ago today I was packing for a four day trip to Scotland and Ireland. This was a scouting and meeting trip for that project that is no longer nameless: Game of Thrones. I was excited to be employed with HBO after a few previous false starts. I was also excited to go on location again as travel is a big deal for me and when someone else pays (even though it is still work) I love it even more. 

2009DouneCastleOn 9/15 we (me and the VFX Supervisor) flew from LAX to LHR to EDI and were picked up by the other department heads and went to Doune Castle for a scout and discussions. This is where I first met most of the gang.

It was surreal as always to get right off a plane after flying ten to twelve hours and start working, but luckily the discussions were pretty straightforward. And having work to do keeps you awake through the afternoon. 

After about two hours there, we got back in the vans and drove to GLA, then hopped a plane to BHD. Belfast City Airport is small and there is a huge IKEA at one end of the runway. I like to imagined that you exit the aircraft then collect your luggage and any new household items you might need before finding your hotel transport. No such luck.

Everyone was amazing and it was nice to meet people who I had only emailed with or spoken to on the phone. My favorite was Katrina who dealt with my travel info. She would occasionally call to confirm info and her calls always started with "Hello lovely lady!" Such a sweet way to begin business.

It was a whirlwind trip and I got to start my love affair with one of my favorite restaurants: The Barking Dog. If the Barking Dog were in LA, I'd be there every week or so. The food is great, the atmosphere cozy and stylish and they play great music too. (We Shazamed about 10 songs when I ate there with Kurt.)

I would be back to Belfast about ten days after that to start the job in full. Little did I expect that I would become "famous" in certain circles or that I would make a lot of great new friends online. I also didn't realize that the not so happy days on set would inspire me to do so many new, creative and exciting things in 2010. 

And I was given a nickname by B Camera crew which they assure me was a not a slight: Lady Battenberg. But you never can be too sure with camera crews...

What a year it's been. Can't wait to see where I am one year from now. Here's hoping I'll be scouting locations for my own tv series.

Fans Become Friends

You may recall I worked on a project last fall in Belfast wherein my blog became quite popular with a certain segment of the population. Okay, I'll say it outright and risk sounding self-centered: I have fans. (That project is called Game of Thrones and there is now an official HBO website.)

The lovely thing is, these fans have become friends. I met some in Belfast and then became better friends with them via twitter and facebook, some I only know online and one I met in LA this past weekend! That's right, I got to meet Axechucker IN REAL LIFE! We met at the LA Metblogs Donut Summit (hence my t-shirt and silver donut award for best apple fritter.)

We had a great time chatting about all things donuts and GOT. Okay, not ALL things GOT of course, still can't chitchat too much about that...


Axechucker was behind the interview that was posted on Winter Is Coming earlier this year and it was really a pleasure to spend some quality donut time together. 

I love the internets!