Where Do The Weeks Go?

Time is flying and we don't even have kids yet!

Speaking of kids - the adoption process is coming along. We are finishing up our last bits of paperwork and having our last meeting with the social worker on Saturday. Tidying up the details. Then we'll be waiting to find a match. Nothing terribly exciting to report other than "most of the boxes have been ticked."

In the mean time, we've been writing and writing! You saw my Script Frenzy progress in April -- I wrote 120 pages. Then May (and part of June) was Rewrite Frenzy. Kudos to me, I finished a first draft of a screenplay last Thursday. Key word there being "first". The script is now out to a few readers while I take a week off. I'll get feedback then keep working on it. There is the other project Kurt and friends and I are working on, that's going well and moving forward. More about that when I have something specific to report. I'm also going to start some research into a third project...

I'm slowly looking for work, but I know work won't be nearly as exciting and fun as the writing has been, so it's tough to leap out there.

My weight loss plan is working great and I'm really pleased with myself on that. I've also learned to drink coffee without anything in it so that I wean myself away from extra sweeteners (real or fake). I'm amazed how quickly and easily I adjusted. 

Volunteering went well in May -- I doubled up to make up for not volunteering in April. I need to find something in June, but haven't organized it yet. I had a nice conversation with Kim Tracy Prince about helping her more with Help A Mother Out. I feel very inspired to keep helping with that cause, now that I'm soon to be a mom. We'll see what comes up. I did sign up for multiple shifts at KCRW for their summer fund drive, so I'll be taking your calls in August!

Yesterday was the Donut Summit (an LA Metblogs event) and we had a great time! Here we are, sporting our favorite pastry shirts. 


Not much more to report other than housecleaning continues and we will be having a fun visit this week by Grace and her friend Audrey. They are coming down to learn about 3d animation and the film biz, going on tours, meeting people, seeing Toy Story 3. Fun!

Wee Frog

Weeks ago (WEEKS!) my friend Helen and I were chatting online. We worked together on That Project and became good friends. She's an amazing photographer. During that chat we were sending each other photos of where we live and family and other fun misc stuff. Then she sent me this awesome photo:


I promised to post it on my blog. And I failed miserably until today when she asked if I had. My only excuse is that I've been so distracted with all the writing. That's a good thing, right??

So here is Helen's Wee Frog in all it's amphibious glory.

I love the wee fellow! 

Script Frenzy!


You might have noticed my new badge over there on the right for Script Frenzy. It's a fun project simply created to help get writers motivated. 30 days - 100 pages. All in the month of April. There are over 15,000 people signed up. There are no prizes, no one reads your script (unless you want them to), no real rules, no one holding your feet to the fire. It's all about you and getting those words on the page!

I have been wanting to finish a script for a while now but have been putting it off and putting it off with no real good reason. So I'm using April's script frenzy time to do so. And then in the last few weeks I learned of a public domain story through a current writing project partner and the two of us are going to tackle aspects of it. I'm going to bang out a draft of a script for it. Plus all the other creative work on the other thing I haven't talked about plus a short FX paying gig. 

April is going to be awesomely busy and creative!

Yesterday I was so busy working my both sides of my brain, the logical work side and the creative fun side that I was exhausted by the end of the day! It took me a while to get up this morning. I'm going to sleep in a little bit tomorrow though. Whew.

If you have something you've been promising yourself you'd write. Do it now! It doesn't have to be perfect or even anywhere near finished. IT'S JUST A DRAFT! Just get it out on paper.

Other New Horizons

I bid a fond farewell to Shane's Castle (where this photo was taken) and Belfast in general as I am no longer with The Project. I handed in some final docs today and while there may be some additional follow up, that's basically it. This was not a surprise and while some of my fan/friends felt confident that I would be back to the UK, alas, that was my excellent poker face at work again. Chances were slim that I would continue on. 

So let's enjoy some fun on set from one of my all time favorite days. It wasn't just that I got to play with the snow, but it was the day I was given a nickname (Lady Battenberg) by the B camera crew and I knew we had bonded for life. Seriously, those guys kept me laughing and having a good time throughout the entire shoot. This was also the day I got to meet some of my new fan/friends in Belfast at McHugh's. Great night!

I have never worked on a project with more amazing people. Out of the whole cast and crew, I can honestly say there were only two people who I didn't love. (I'll never name names.)(On my blog.) That is the kind of production crew love percentage you dream of on a job. I'm very grateful. 


There are many new things on the horizon for me, thought which ones will come fully into focus is not clear yet. I look forward to whatever lies ahead.


Losing My Grasp

Last week was B U S Y. So was the week before that. It's good to be employed, no doubt. But it's not normally the way I like to work and a lot of it was out of my hands, so I just had to deal. This week will be busy as well, but in a much different way. More adjustments.

And speaking of adjustments, I'm having a hard time adjusting to this new year, to these new directions. Hard in that I find I'm still wallowing in past frustrations, still bemoaning things that haven't happened yet instead of focusing on making them happen now (or soon). I think part of what is frustrating is that much of it is plan B. Thankfully there is a plan B, but still, plan A was plan A for a reason. 

I know, I'm being vague. Sorry. I have to let go of what is past because it is past. Yet I find myself holding onto to it so tightly. I'll be concentrating on letting it go, one finger at a time, this week. 

End of Six Weeks -- How Am I Doing?

My Six week plan was:

  1. Exercise at least six days a week
  2. Eat less and eat better
  3. Complete my book proposal
  4. Start a writer's group for two specific projects

How am I doing? 

I have exercised at least six days a week. The first week was only five days, this last week was also only five days. However, there were two weeks where I did seven days. So I averaged it out. The best part is, I have already gotten stronger. I know this because the exercises are not leaving me sore anymore -- so I have to up the reps and intensity. The other best part is (I can have as many best parts as I want!) that I LOOK FORWARD TO EXERCISING! Holy cow it's been a long time since I've felt that way about it. So while the Wii Fit might not be the best long term exercise plan, it's a damn fine one now because I *want* to do it. In fact, I have to force myself to stop playing so I can get showered and dressed for work. This is a good thing.

In regard to eating, I have not improved much. I haven't lost more than the four pounds I lost earlier in the six week plan. Maintaining is better than gaining. So I will press on with the better eating plan. The longer hours than expected work schedule has been a bit challenging to the better eating, and I'm going to work at getting things done ahead of time. But then I'm doing so much more fun stuff on the weekends (See item #4 above) that I don't have much time then either! I choose how I use my time and I have not chosen to spend time making healthier food yet. 

The book proposal sits idle. I think I put it in the wrong part of my schedule and it floundered. I was working on it just after waking up and before exercising, all before work. Normally I can get a good chunk of writing done at that time of the morning. But this was different kind of writing and I found myself not very enthusiastic. I think I will try switching my book proposal work time to a different time of day. I have one more week of super busy work, then I'll restart on it.

As to item #4 -- it is moving ahead splendidly. It keeps me going through the week and I can't wait to have more time to devote to it!

So what will the next six weeks have? Much of the same

  1. Exercise at least six days a week with higher # of reps and greater intensity. I need to have sore muscles after exercising to know I pushed it harder.
  2. Eat less and eat better, make two specific meals a week (from cookbooks)
  3. Bring book proposal to Rough Draft shape and find a better time to work on it during the day.
  4. Continue writer's group! 

I'm feeling good about another six weeks and am quite proud of myself for how much exercise I've done. Thanks to the Wii Fit for getting me into a new habit.

I'll check back in about three weeks on this!

Busy Bee


Raise your hand if you've been slammed at work. [counting hands....] I'm with you! I am grateful to have the work, truly.

With all the work, there is really not much to report. I've volunteered at KCRW for their pledge drive two mornings so far, tomorrow will be my third and last shift. Have you renewed your membership yet? Now I will start looking for volunteer opportunities for March. So far so good on the volunteer resolution train for 2010.

Last August I got news that Eddie Izzard was coming to town to play at the Nokia Theater. I bought tickets immediately and last Saturday night we joined in the fun.


Our seats weren't bad, especially for such a huge venue. (Last time we saw Mr. Izzard was at Largo. We were in the last row which was something like row 25. NICE!) There were three huge monitors and it was easier to watch them, but still felt strange to watch the monitor when the guy was right there on stage. 


(this picture gets bigger with a click.)

He didn't disappoint and Kurt and I have been quoting the squirrel on Noah's Ark all week. 

Eddie dressed like a boy this time, wearing jeans, a striped shirt and tails. When I wasn't laughing hysterically I thought about how I always always always wanted to buy a tailcoat. It was new wave (or something 80's) and I wanted one so bad. Of course I could never find one on Maui, but when I got to LA and someone took me to Aardvarks, there was a WHOLE RACK OF THEM! OMG OMG OMG! However, they were like $150 or $200 each -- not really in a college freshman's budget. So I never got one. All week I've been thinking, oooh, I could afford one now if I wanted to. Then I thought, how silly would I look? Then I would think again, so what? Just get one and see. 

But I've been too busy.


Work Work Work Work Work

Grateful for the job and income, truly. And in week three of my six week plan things are moving forward -- this is good. I'm actually enjoying using the Wii Fit and find that an hour has gone by quickly and I have sore muscles the next day. All good things.

The one thing I have a shortage of is time. Time to blog here. 

So please enjoy this post-birthday LOLcat while you wait for the return of my scintillating blog posts. 


2009: A Look Back In Two Parts (Part 2)

Continuing from Part I of 2009: A Look Back.

We arrived in the Pacific Northwest for a record breaking heat wave. We stayed overnight one night in Port Townsend and enjoyed the pretty view and great company of friend's parents in town.


I had a mini-Seabury Class of 85 reunion with Steve and Courtney. The visit was way too short!


Another blogger field trip resulted in a new tattoo. Fun day


I got to celebrate the baptism of a good friend's son. Sweet ceremony. Sadly, this dear boy's grandpa died a few months later and we celebrated that amazing life with a funeral in December.


Later in August:



In September I got to meet internets superstar, Ben Huh. I also learned a lot of great stuff from him.


A gang of us got together in September to celebrate our 20+ year long friendships -- one that started at LMU in the late 80's. So much fun to get together and eat El Tarasco's!


Then I left LA to go to work in Northern Ireland on a tv pilot. More importantly, I met Elvis at the Belfast International Airport. 


Kurt came to visit for about 10 days and we toured the North coast, Giant's Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede bridge. Great weekend adventures...


...and plenty of Guinness!


Of course I was working. Here's another shot of me on set.


In November, Safety Graphic Fun celebrated it's first anniversary. Here's hoping we can get to the 2nd!


I got home from the shoot in Northern Ireland just before Thanksgiving and we flew to North Carolina to cook turkey and celebrate with great friends.


Just after Thanksgiving I was on another work trip to Montana and Oregon. I made a snow angel on Ted Turner's ranch...


...and generally spent time looking like this as the scenery was so lovely.


Finally. Finally. Finally. I got to come home. Three weeks before Christmas I could unpack and put my suitcases away. Heaven. Kurt and I both worked pretty full on until about December 24th. Bunny kept the Christmas tree monitored. 


Now we are sliding gently into 2010 with many creative irons in the fire and resolutions/goals/plans/intentions to have much to review and relive in one year's time.

Thanks to all my family, friends and new friends/fans who read this blog and send love and support. You all really held me up when I was feeling down in 2009 and I'm grateful to you. Thank you for making 2009 a year full of friendship and joy.

All the best to you all in 2010!