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*sigh* this is actually a very valid warning. it's one thing to pressurize a tank largely filled with incompressible liquid, like water. it's another thing to pressurize a tank with a compressible medium like air.

since water cant be compressed it doesnt try to rapidly expand in volume when the tank it's in ruptures. air on the other hand DOES. thats why when a pressure tank filled with air ruptures it can send flying bits of shrapnel all over the place - aka 'death rays'. do the same thing with a tank mostly filled with water and youll pop the tank at a weak point and thats about it. infact, filling a pressure vessel most of the way up with water then pressurizing it is just how pressurized tanks get pressure tested.



No one is disputing that dangerous things exist in the world, or that the warning signs are valid.

This site is about safety GRAPHICS, and the humour that can be extracted from them.

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