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um..I don't speak french but it's pretty clear it says something along the lines of:

Access reserved exclusively for authorized personnel


um...Josh, clearly you aren't a regular reader of this site so you aren't getting the full comedy impact. Keep coming back and you'll get it!

Stay safe...


translated in english this says "Access reserved to authorized personnel only"


Yeah... not really funny... Especially since I understood the sign when I read it... I guess ignorance is bliss ;)

Jon Q

umm... hate to burst ur bubble but that says Access reserved exclusively for authroized personel.... FAIL


Like so many others have posted.. You sir are an idiot. Don't speak French? Do you even speak English? Why don't you have a guess what it could say...


:o) Kevin has been pulling your leg, no ?!?!?


It's not even funny unless you smokin' somethin'
and you wonder why french dislike americans

Eddie Pasternak



Yeah, I'm french, and I confirm, it means "Access reserved to authorized personnel only"


It actually says "access reserved to almighty personnel," which in French could be taken to mean "the Almighty will strike down whomever enters or opens without express permission" when combined with an Egyptian pictograph of a man being struck by lightning. Unfortunately, the pictograph shown in this picture is clearly Mayan in origin, suggesting a Southern France/Northern Spain representation meaning something closer to "for a tape recorder, please deposit 1.50 in quarters, above"


This picture is indeed hilarious but as I live in France and understand French I missed the fun without the pointing out that it was the image that was funny.


That is not what it translates to......AT ALL!


I'm French and I can say to you that your friend Kevin made fun of you ;P


The "mistranslation" is referring to the image of the man looking like he is being struck down by God. It's a joke people! And pretty funny too! :)


Thank you Ashley, couldn't have said it better myself! ; - )

Stay Safe.


Directly translated: "Access Reserved Exclusively To Personnel Authorized" (And of course, French being backwards when describing nouns, last two words correctly translate to 'Authorized Persons')


Hypno, the French are not the only ones who dislike Americans... The French just generally dislike people who choose to live in ignorance...

As said above: 'Fail'

If it was true or real, might have been funnier... This is not... The picture alone yes, the added comment no...


Some really dumb people on here, acting like their smarter than everyone else. Makes me laugh it does.


The image and translation? Pretty funny.
The comments from the clueless? Hi-f'ing-larious!

Gene Callahan

":o) Kevin has been pulling your leg, no ?!?!?"

Yes, but in a way that isn't remotely funny.

"The comments from the clueless? Hi-f'ing-larious!"

The reason people keep translating it properly is that, given there's nothing funny about the post, people can't believe it's an attempt at humour.


What made me smile was this personnal interpretation:

"Only authorized personnel are allowed to enter the room and to be granted with a lethal lighning bolt".

Wow, I'm glad I'm not the Chosen One.

These signs are unrelated in in fact. Unfortunately, the text/background colours make you believe they are.

BTW, I live in Québec and I'm in a good position to understand both English and French (even if it's Parisian French, bordel), éh?

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