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maybe it has something to do with heat, so things could explode and medications could degrade?


This warning comes out of a fire safe. So much heat builds up it cooks off the ammo.

sarah Auerswald

De nada.


This Pharmory thing will never get off the ground.


yep same label on my fire safe


Im more concerned with the weapons sign on my movie theater doors, it says:

"No Concealable weapons allowed"......So next time i wanna see Up, I bring my shotgun?

Julia SGF

Seg, you WIN! I love that word, Pharmory. Well done.

Henry Bowman

Yes, there are people who store firearms and medicines together. They're called "campers," among others.

If you need secure storage in a vehicle, like a car or an RV, your only option is to bolt in a small safe box in which you put things you would prefer that other people not steal while you are away from your vehicle or campsite. I am pretty sure this warning label is from such a product.

Firearms and prescription medications are both highly sought after by thieves. But more to the point, they are controlled items, meaning that the maker of the safe box could be sued for CRIMINAL negligence in several states if these licensed items find their way into the hands of the unlicensed burglar because their box was not secure enough to resist an attack. Therefore this is not a "safety" graphic at all, it is a cowardly notice disclaiming legal responsibility. This sign is an admission that their safe is... well, not THAT safe, and therefore a good indication that you ought not to waste your money on it. There are plenty of boxes out there without this limitation.

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